Case Study

Partner: Buda Orthodontics
Since: August 2020

Proud Partner Success Story: Improvement & Growth at Every Corner

Dr. Connor Despot knew when he opened Buda Orthodontics that he wanted to bring a sweeping change to the community. When it comes to creating meaningful impact, you need a team on board with your vision. That’s why Dr. Despot partnered with HIP to share his vision and grow his practice utilizing the Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework™. Within his first couple months of partnering with HIP, Dr. Despot immediately added 40 new starts to his practice.

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“If you sign up for HIP Creative it will be the single best decision you have ever made for your office.”
– Dr. Connor Despot

Project Details


Bulletproof Sales Process
Tracking ROI
Lead Generation


Double Practice Revenue
Track New Patient Sources
Team Member Accountability


High Converting Website w/ SEO
Full-Service Digital Marketing Campaigns
Orthodontic Team Training & Systems

Eliminating Marketing Confusion and Upgrading Revenue Increasing Tactics & Strategies

When Dr. Despot started his practice in 2019, he found himself in a state of confusion regarding their marketing strategies. A lot of money was being spent, without any clear picture of what was benefitting the practice.

Even when new leads were coming in Dr. Despot had no way to track where they were coming from or what was actually working to drive in new patients. On top of that, he was dedicated to serving his team and creating an impact on the Buda community. Something needed to change…

That’s when Dr. Despot turned to HIP as a solution to not only generate new leads, but also track what marketing efforts were working so they could double down and tighten up the team’s sales process to effectively double the practice’s annual revenue.

Now, Dr. Despot is clear on what’s working thanks to HIP’s Patient Acquisition & Retention Framework. More importantly, he’s been able to place his trust the hands of HIP to lead the marketing forefront and bring valuable sales training and systems to his team.

Plus, he now feels as if he’s able to rely on the accountability of his staff to continue to implement the strategies that have been set from partnering with HIP.

Buda Orthodontics benefits from:

• An unique website designed to attract quality patients
Digital marketing campaigns with intentional tracking
• Strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Retargeting campaigns that converted more new patients
• Comprehensive patient management software (PracticeBeacon)
• Full system of orthodontic and staff training
• Speed-to-Lead Sales Process that has transformed the practice
• Clear data points and tracking on high ROI strategies


Buda Orthodontics Staff

A Formula for Growth Includes a Strong Follow-Up

One of the key factors to Buda Orthodontics’ success was bolstering the staff to have the systems and tools they needed to take new, incoming leads and convert them into happy, smiling patients.

There’s a reason Dr. Despot now recommends HIP to all other orthodontists he has a chance to connect with. He sees the value in a strong follow-up that not only gets new patients in the door, but also dramatically improves the patient experience.

Being able to do this month after month starts with having the rights tools and systems in place. That’s where HIP’s lead management software, PracticeBeacon, comes in.

Not only has Dr. Despot’s staff been able to track for themselves where a new lead is coming from, but they’re also able to guide them through the entire patient conversion process ensuring no one is missed and more smiles are made. 

“We had no way of tracking our return on investment. Now, we know exactly what our cost-per-patient is. HIP has created a huge amount of growth and they’ve been immensely helpful to getting us where we are now.” – Dr. Connor Despot

Our Framework

Patient Acquisition & Retention Framework™

In an effort to both establish a strong digital presence and generate potential patients, we implemented our Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework™. This fully automated solution and turn-key framework was exactly what Buda Orthodontics needed. This led to an improved, accurate tracking process with fully realized training and sales systems to convert leads into happy, smiling patients.

How Does it Work?

The Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework™ maximizes your ability to use patient data to connect with new patients, retain existing patients, and grow your practice. The framework is an information matrix that identifies, contacts, schedules, and maintains contact with the patient before, during, and after their treatment.

Producing Real Results

Buda Orthodontics found itself in marketing confusion and solely thriving off doctor referrals. Partnering and allowing HIP to take the reigns of the digital marketing efforts proved to be a life-changing decision for Dr. Despot. Utilizing the power of HIP’s Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework™, we were able to smash his goals and create a system of accountability with his staff. With a clear picture of his marketing efforts including being able to track ROI, Dr. Despot has now firmly set his eyes towards future expansion.

Track Return On Investment

Almost 40 New Starts in 60 Days

Absolute Team Accountability

Cut Advertising Dollars by 50% While Continuously Growing

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