Dr. Jorge Peláez was an expert in the field of neurology for over two decades when he decided to leave that profession to focus on Functional Medicine in 2013. Switching fields not only represented a massive shift in his own professional life but also in terms of the type of practice he was trying to operate — he knew he needed to "hit the ground running," but wasn't sure how to do so himself.

The issue was that Dr. Peláez and the Florida Health & Wellness Institute had no clear marketing strategy. Dr. Peláez himself lacked essential brand recognition and proper positioning and knew he needed the right content to educate potential patients as effectively as possible.

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Needed a Different Approach

Brand Confusion

Engaging the target audience

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Create a Clear Identity

A Strategy that Builds Momentum

Increase Patient

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Educational Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Clear Branding

Marketing Automation


A New Educational Website

HIP Creative got to work on creating a brand-new education-focused website for Florida Health & Wellness Institute. It provides complete, in-depth and comprehensive pages on each condition, service, and treatment that Dr. Peláez specializes in or offers. Thanks to a responsive new design, it is also easier than ever for users to receive essential updates, schedule their free phone consultation or to even schedule an appointment to see Dr. Peláez.

• Responsive Design
• Goal Tracking
• Highly Secure
• Content Focused
• Cutting Edge


Incredible Video Production

HIP Creative also created a comprehensive new series of high-end videos that allows visitors to easily learn about and better understand not only who Dr. Peláez is and what he offers, but why he does what he does. These videos have gone a long way toward increasing the reach of Florida Health & Wellness Institute on social networking sites like Facebook.

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Patient Acquisition & Retention Framework™

HIP Creative also employed a unique Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework, maximizing Florida Health & Wellness Institute's ability to leverage existing patient data to connect with new prospects and even preserve relationships with existing ones. This solution is fully automated (thus eliminating human error) and provides the constant flow of accurate information that Dr. Dr. Peláez and his team need when they need it the most. 

How Does it Work?

The Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework maximizes your ability to use patient data to connect with new patients, retain existing patients, and grow your practice. The Framework is an information matrix that identifies, contacts, schedules, and maintains contact with the patient before, during, and after their surgery.

The Results

Dr.Peláez has been incredibly happy with the results of HIP Creative's efforts thus far. Not only was he able to accomplish all of his major goals, but factors like a 110 percent increase in the total number of leads generated actually exceeded the expectations of everyone involved. Florida Health & Wellness Institute is now incredibly well-positioned in its marketplace, with these recent efforts acting as a solid and stable foundation from which to build from moving forward.

110% Increase In Leads

68% Increase In Website Traffic

53% Increase In Facebook Fans