About This Project

Although Newpark Orthodontics had been able to successfully position itself as an industry leader in its field, it recently realized that modernization efforts for its marketing campaigns were increasingly necessary in the modern era. The company's founder, Dr. Nima, had noticed a growing level of competition in the Atlanta, Georgia area - a trend that showed no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Dr. Nima realized that Newpark Orthodontics needed the type of collateral that wouldn't just make an excellent impression on their audience, but they needed it sooner rather than later as well.

Newpark Orthodontics decided to employ HIP Creative to create a series of new and high quality videos that would live on the practice's website, that would also be promoted on Facebook and other social networking services to better engage potential patients.

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Increased Competition

Attracting Leads


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Build the Brand

Increase Lead Generation

Social Media Engagement

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Compelling Videos

Pay-Per-Click Strategy

Facebook Campaigns

Incredible Video Production

HIP Creative got to work on creating a series of new videos that would live on the Newpark Orthodontics website. They not only showed off the specific areas that Newpark Orthodontics representatives were specialists in but also helped patients get a better feel for Dr. Nima in particular.
While these videos were designed for the website, they were also optimized for sharing on social networking sites like Facebook. This would allow Dr. Nima to organically expand his reach and attract a new audience of potential clients in the Atlanta, Georgia area, all while providing an easy way for interested parties to head back to the website to find out more information as needed. The website itself could then be used to easily book appointments and to complete other essential functions, making it easier than ever to sign up new patients as a result.


The Results

Newpark Orthodontics doubled their total volume of patients after launching HIP Creative's Facebook campaigns when compared to numbers from the same months in 2016.

100% Increase In Patients

2000% Increase In Video Views