About This Project

Recently, Dr. Nanna of Polkadot Pediatrics realized that she needed to modernize her marketing efforts to bring her digital presence more in line with the 21st-century practice that she was actually running. In addition to raising awareness, she also wanted something that acted as more of a true educational tool. She wanted patients to be able to come in with a better understanding of what a pediatric dentist actually was, what happens during a first visit and more.

The team at HIP Creative got to work using a wide range of different techniques to Dr. Nanna's advantage. In addition to creating compelling videos that both raised brand awareness and brought in a higher number of patients, we also created several video testimonials that let real patients speak open and honestly about their experiences.

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Large Number of Competitors

Minimal Budget

Engaging the Target Audience

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Increase Brand Awareness

Maximize Return on Investment

Bring in a Larger Number of Patients

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Compelling Videos

Facebook Video View Campaigns

Incredible Video Production

The team at HIP Creative quickly got to work, designing a new series of videos that would help engage with Polkadot Pediatrics' audience in the most effective way possible. In addition to educating her audience on all of the aforementioned important topics (like what pediatric dentistry involves), we also created several video testimonials that performed very well on social media in particular. These video testimonials were of real patients talking more about their experience, which went a long way towards selling the very specific image that Dr. Nanna was trying to portray.


The Results

Speaking of social media, Facebook Video View Campaigns were also utilized to help maximize return on investment as much as possible. Dr. Nanna was able to see the results of each video almost in real-time, letting her operate with the peace-of-mind and confidence that only comes with knowing that she is focusing her attention in all of the right areas.

15% Increase In Patients

1000% Increase In Video Views

20% Increase In Facebook Fans