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How We Implemented Inbound Marketing for Patterson Plastic Surgery

To drive more traffic and leads, our solution started with a 90-day campaign focused around breast augmentation surgery. The content we created for social media distribution helped educate patients on everything they needed to know to make an informed decision on their surgery and establish Dr. Patterson as a go-to local expert.

Utilizing the Hubspot platform, we built resource-rich landing pages to help potential patients educate themselves with detailed content from the blog and online guides. This allowed us to collect lead information and nurture them into becoming patients.

We then worked with the sales team at Patterson Plastic Surgery to establish a sales process to work alongside the automated workflows within Hubspot. With the use of the Hubspot CRM we were able to track revenues directly to each lead and their channel of acquisition. This also provided an easy to use hub for the office staff to keep up with incoming leads and organize their contact points and convert more leads into surgeries.

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