What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is about using marketing to bring potential customers to you, rather than having your marketing efforts fight for their attention. Sharing is caring and inbound marketing is about creating and sharing content with the world. By creating content specifically designed to appeal to your dream customers, inbound attracts qualified prospects to your business and keeps them coming back for more.

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We start off with an audit of your current website traffic & layout, analysis of your existing content, deep dive into your marketing assets, a review of your sales process and look at your industry trends and competitors to give us a snapshot of your business as it currently stands.This snapshot will allow our senior marketing consultants to discover intelligence on who your ideal potential customers are and establish a Marketing Blueprint to turn goals into real revenue.

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Once we have a set Marketing Blueprint, our next step will be researching keywords for rankings, mapping out content for campaigns and setting a plan in motion to increase traffic, drive leads and convert them into customers.

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Utilizing the latest in marketing automation technology, we build out workflows to help deliver the right content to the right leads at the right time. Our team of expert strategists and copywriters, create content that speaks to your customers, answers their questions and concerns, and positions your company as the go-to expert.

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Our team of strategists utilize HIP’s unique process of delivering your content to the right people, while giving your organic SEO the jumpstart it needs. Your content will be pushed out through a mix of blogs, social media and email throughout the campaign.

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During the campaign, we constantly collect data and review it with our team to refine your strategy and message. We then optimize, based on our analysis, and scale from there to turn your campaign into a lead generating machine.