Welcome to a special episode of The GrowOrtho Podcast! In this episode, we are following along with Justin and Luke when they were featured guests on Business Rockstars. The show explores their background as founders of HIP Creative as well as the other business they have started.

In this episode, any entrepreneur can enjoy the valuable information about:

  • What HIP Creative does as a growth partner for orthodontists and what other main businesses Justin and Luke have grown and maintained
  • Dealing with the pandemic and focusing on continual growth including how to pivot and continue to innovate alongside orthodontic practices through a virtual consultation process
  • How HIP Creative differentiates itself from other marketing agencies as an actual partner for the orthodontists they work with – aligning their operations by working alongside orthodontists
  • Utilizing a growth framework to help orthodontic practices plug their leaks and turn on the leads for the practices so that their systems are dialed in and new patient touchpoints are ironed out
  • Behind-the-scenes of how Luke and Justin met and how their partnership created the perfect union to partner up with orthodontists to provide real solutions for their practices
  • Why HIP Creative chose to niche down into working with orthodontists and partnering with one of the fastest-growing orthodontic practices in the world
  • How HIP Creative utilizes their own internal marketing, content, and processes to help enhance their orthodontic partners
  • The process behind creating, training, and developing a team that will serve your customers at a high level
  • What big mistakes other businesses are making when pursuing their own marketing
  • The top platforms for marketing and content distribution
  • How your brand can define the future success of your business and what kind of message you are sending to your potential clients or customers
  • Figuring out the work-life balance as busy entrepreneurs and how Justin and Luke cultivate their relationships outside of their businesses
  • Accepting failure as part of the process in order to achieve success and how failure should be perceived by your team in order for them to grow
  • What strategies Justin and Luke employ to continually build wealth for the businesses
  • Finding mentors and coaches to push them out of their comfort zone in order to create exponential growth and self-development
  • How Justin and Luke find and synchronize alignment when working with friends and family through their business partnerships
  • What Justin and Luke would do in order to scale their businesses up if they had to completely start from scratch today
  • Sharing the vision for what they see the future of HIP Creative, their businesses, and the partnerships they have with orthodontists
  • The path of starting entrepreneurship with the right timing and what that process looks like

The entire Business Rockstars interview covers a variety of questions for any entrepreneur or person working in their own business. Here’s a summary of a few of the key points:

  • Justin and Luke did not want to be known as the “marketing guys” and wanted to ensure they stood out in their field. Thus, their business foundation meant actually developing intimate partnerships with the orthodontists they worked with. HIP Creative’s main strategy is to align the marketing they employ with the operations to turn leads into new patients. It also became clear that 10% of HIP’s partners were making 90% of the revenue. This led to HIP developing its framework that goes beyond marketing and empowers orthodontic practices with training and their own lead management software, PracticeBeacon.
  • Defining HIP Creative’s own personal marketing efforts becomes key tactics any business can employ. First, HIP takes part in live events, speaking on stage, and leveraging the relationships of the partnerships they’re in. This means even taking a look at details and strategies such as cutting processing fees and hiring new talent. One of the prominent strategies is the creation of their own training content including a 60+ modules course that helps their partners grow.
  • Engraining in your culture to perceive failure differently is vital for the internal operation of the company. It’s important for your team to know that they’re not going to succeed every time and that’s okay. Through their team building, they want to reinforce collaboration which means encouraging team members to ask questions, so the team can learn, grow, and handle problems as a team.

This episode is full of information that can be helpful for anyone in the business field, especially if they are an entrepreneur or thinking of becoming one.