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Our team has successfully scaled practices in the fields of orthodontics, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and periodontics. Our deep knowledge of these unique and challenging markets makes us the right choice for building sustainable growth in the face of ever-changing regulations, market uncertainty, and evolving business dynamics.

"We've grown from 3 locations and 25 staff to 8 locations and around 100 staff."

HIP Creative has contributed to our success at Fisbhein Orthodontics immensely. They’ve taken SEO off our hands and our ROI from Google has tripled since.

Aliza Ray, Fishbein Orthodontics
HIP Partner Since 2014

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Our multi-talented marketing and support teams enable the growth of doctors in a variety of dental specialties. If you don't see yours, schedule a discovery call to see if we can help you!


We know the orthodontics field better than anyone, and we’ve helped 50+ orthodontists of all sizes achieve significant and profitable growth. We’ll get you in front of the right prospective patients at the right time, and help you convert many more of them to keep your chair full month after month.

Oral Surgery

You can’t depend soley on referrals from local dentists to grow your oral surgery practice any longer. Shifts in technology and shopping behavior mean that more and more patients are seeking out their own solutions. Our PARF framework will help you establish your online presence in the right way to attract and convert more patients.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Your patients expect trust, understanding, and awareness–all earned and kept when working with us. Every dentistry practice strives to be the best, and we let you focus on doing just that. Our framework allows your website, supporting information, and brand presence to communicate the exact information your patients need and want to know, while you do things your way. 
Pediatric Dentistry

Finding and connecting with the right audience for your practice goals can be done–and we’ll get you there. We help you zero in on what you do best and make sure that everyone knows all about it. Our proven framework helps each unique practice find their voice and amplify it in their market.


Patients are searching for solutions and you’ve got them. We cut through the noise to make the connection. We build the right digital and community presence for your brand that educates, informs, and qualifies prospective patients so that you can do what you do best.

Wentz Orthodontics

When we started working with Wentz Orthodontics, they were a thriving 9-office practice looking for moderate growth. After all, an 8-figure business can only scale so quickly, right? Before they knew what hit them, Wentz was booking 61% more new patient exams than the previous year and dominating both paid and organic results through the Lubbock, Texas area. Let’s take a look at what happened and how Wentz Orthodontics has added as much as $4.5M in gross production in a single year working with HIP.

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Dr. Farina
Farina Orthodontic Specialists

When we started working with Farina Orthodontics in Tampa, Florida, the circumstances for growing a business were about as dire as possible. The COVID pandemic had just struck, and the restrictions were at their worst. People couldn’t leave the house, offices were closed, and uncertainty was everywhere. So, how did we help Dr. Farina and his team continue to find patients for their three locations? And how did we create growth for them while the world economy was paralyzed? Let’s take a look…

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SmileCrew Orthodontics

Dr. Connor Despot bought his practice in Buda, TX, in October of 2019. And while he was planning on growth from the beginning, he describes those early days as “pure chaos.” They were almost 100% dependent on doctor and patient referrals initially, which meant that revenue was unpredictable and outside their control. So they started spending big money on Google ads but couldn’t tell if it was bringing them any business. Dr. Despot was determined to succeed and serve his growing community. And he realized that if he wanted to grow, he’d need to invest in the systems and partners to help him plan, track, and scale that growth. So he hired HIP and implemented our Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework (PARF™). The rest, as they say, is history…

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