We are healthcare marketing experts.

HIP Creative is the Leading Orthodontics Marketing Agency

We are built to win. Our team of expert consultants, creatives, marketing professionals, and engineers work alongside healthcare and medical practices to build sustainable and profitable businesses. We are driven by a love of helping each individual client fulfill their authentic purpose while building the practice of their dreams. We believe in a strong and caring team that works hand-in-hand with clients who value long-term and sustainable growth. We firmly believe in the value of our powerful tools, hands-on training, and our tried and true framework that allows our clients to provide top-notch care and impeccable service, profitably.

We Help Independent Medical Practices Become Authorities In Their Space

We do this by streamlining operations, refining patient acquisition processes, plugging leaks in their practices, and helping them set and reach financial goals. Everything we do is built to maximize patient value. 
Our goal is to change the way our clients view themselves in the healthcare industry, empowering them to create sustainable practices that help them achieve their ideal personal lifestyle, focus on their strengths, positively impact their team members and patients, and to refuse to settle for the status quo.
We measure our success by our customers having transformative experiences in their practices, the growth in revenue they see, and making their greatest possible contributions to their teams and patients while living their own authentic purpose. 

Our Values

Be Creative

We’re inspired by the challenge of creating a beautiful digital experience that connects to people’s emotions, experiences, and aspirations.

Be Honest

We have too much respect for our clients and ourselves to be less than completely honest about how our ideas can communicate your vision.

Be Bold

If it’s a good idea, we want to hear it. If it hasn’t been done before, we want to try it. If it’s a new unchartered direction, we want to explore it.

Be Effective

Good design is a powerful tool, but it doesn’t happen by accident. We anaylyze data to help us understand customers, markets, and trends.