Welcome to the newest episode of The GrowOrtho Podcast presented by HIP Creative. Today’s featured guest is Lauren Newby, Director of Sponsorships at Walraven. Lauren specializes in helping orthodontists create branded essential school supplies that place your practice in the forefront of a parent’s mind. Lauren and Walraven help orthodontic practices partner with schools, get their brand out there, and become the practice of choice in the community.

Listen closely as Lauren details:

  • How Walraven connects orthodontists with schools and their local communities through custom branded school supplies
  • Her role in helping orthodontists figure out how they can make a larger impact in their community through branded marketing
  • Walraven’s continual efforts to connect and build relationships with schools on behalf of businesses
  • Creating turn-key solutions for an orthodontist to grow their practice and position themselves as the practice of choice

Here’s a summary of key points Luke and Lauren discuss together:

  • Luke highlights the importance of community outreach in order to get your brand out there and become the practice of choice in your community with schools being an important way to do that.
  • Lauren gives a glimpse of her background in sales as a paramount part of her life and how that’s fostered her love of supporting her clients and diving into their businesses.
  • Walraven excels in growing businesses and helping schools simultaneously through their main mission of connecting businesses with targeted schools through custom branded school supplies.
  • Lauren expands on Walraven’s 100-year history as they positioned themselves early as the go-to supplier in Texas, being the only provider of book covers in the entire state.
  • Lauren spotlights some of the custom branded school supplies they provide, emphasizing how important their school car-pickup hangtags and weekly folders have been in creating top-of-mind brand awareness.
  • COVID also adjusted the needs of schools by keeping masks accessible and water fountains closing down. Lauren notes that Walraven keeps a close eye on the ever-changing needs of schools and when they noticed this new trend and need from parents they created lanyards to hold masks close and branded water bottles for parents when they became required to supply their own for their child.
  • Every year, based on a school’s needs, Walraven adds new products that are custom to their local schools, free, and branded with their sponsor’s branding.
  • Lauren monitors Walraven’s relationships from two critical fronts. One she connects directly with businesses and orthodontists, finding out how Walraven can help them create a bigger impact in the community.
  • The second critical front Lauren monitors is through Walraven’s enrollment team. The team helps build relationships with schools on behalf of their clients, delivering a quality product to the school with the appropriate branded sponsorship.
  • Once an orthodontist’s marketing or community outreach gameplan is figured out, the rest of the process is a turn-key solution that Walraven has perfected and taken off the plates and minds of busy orthodontic teams.
  • Lauren’s team helps orthodontists connect with their local schools, understanding that parents value businesses that support their schools.
  • In fact, Lauren acknowledges that health care businesses are their #1 clients since it is so important that these businesses reach moms and families.
  • Orthodontists love the carpool tags that Walraven provides. Lauren and Luke both acknowledge how front-and-center branding is since those carpool tags hang in the view of parents as they sit in their car-pickup lines at schools.
  • As a final thought, Lauren encourages orthodontists to reach out before the end of May if they’re looking to get their brand into schools for the upcoming school year.

For any orthodontists looking to connect with Lauren and make a bigger impact in their community, they can reach out to her via email, phone, or text. If you prefer to email, you can send a message to: lauren@walravenco.com or you can call or text: (469) 401-5794.