Unleash the Power of Hospitality in Dentistry

What if you could turn your orthodontic practice into a beacon of excellence like the Ritz Carlton? What if every patient felt nurtured, respected, and cared for at every touchpoint? That’s exactly what Dr. Michael Sonick, a seasoned dentist and periodontist, accomplished in his 40 years of practice. An embodiment of hospitality in healthcare, he generously shares his insights in this enlightening interview.

The Making of an Exceptional Dental Practice

Dr. Sonick’s journey to dentistry was born out of personal adversity—a severe bicycle accident as a child that led to extensive dental work. This experience ignited his passion for reconstructive dentistry and the importance of exceptional patient care. As he honed his craft under the guidance of influential mentors, he learned that quality care goes beyond clinical expertise—it’s about creating a welcoming environment that leaves patients feeling valued and respected.

Building a successful practice is no accident. Dr. Sonick emphasizes that reputation is key for attracting new patients, stating, “By the time someone meets me, they are ready to say yes to treatment.” This isn’t sheer coincidence; it’s the outcome of strategic marketing and a relentless focus on the entire patient journey.

Picture this — your dental practice as a luxury hotel, known for its unmatched service. Dr. Sonick believes in offering a spa-like experience from the moment patients first engage with the practice. He points out that only 2% of businesses truly excel at customer service, which means there’s an enormous opportunity for those ready to commit to superior experiences.

The Patient Journey — A Roadmap to Excellence

In his book “Treating People, Not Patients,” Dr. Sonick meticulously outlines the patient journey. He urges dentists to scrutinize every facet of their practice from the patient’s perspective—from signage to the waiting area, aromatherapy to music selection.
Details matter. Everything from lighting and paint colors to cleanliness plays a role in shaping patient perception. Dr. Sonick advocates for being “unreasonably” meticulous because it sets a high bar for the entire team. Standing out amidst fierce competition is possible by delivering a consistently premium experience.

Think about this: “Do you like being put on hold for four minutes?” Dr. Sonick challenges us to consider. It’s clear that even the phone call experience can make or break a patient relationship. By educating patients and offering choices at each touchpoint, we can alleviate their anxieties and empower them to make informed decisions.

Hospitality — The Heart of Exceptional Care

Hospitality lies at the heart of Dr. Sonick’s approach. He learned the art of hospitality in his early years working in restaurants and has since integrated it into his practice. He believes that dentistry offers a unique opportunity to nurture patients through tailored care based on their needs and comfort levels.

Great hospitality takes worry and uncertainty out of the equation. Dr. Sonick aims to replicate the supportive environment of luxury hotels in his practice—even amidst potentially uncomfortable dental treatments. With many patients grappling with fear or lack of knowledge, extraordinary hospitality can tip the scales in your favor. Dr. Sonick believes that this level of service attracts loyal patients who feel respected and valued as individuals.

Embrace Challenges to Reach New Heights

Dr. Sonick acknowledges that his approach demands confronting challenges that many would prefer to avoid—from patient frustrations and staff issues to personal discomfort with public speaking. But overcoming difficulties is a crucial part of growth.

He encourages fellow dentists to continually build proficiency in new areas and surround themselves with mentors operating at higher levels. Dr. Sonick also values colleagues who offer candid feedback, proving that even the strongest foundations can be fortified.

Are you ready to transform your orthodontic practice into a beacon of excellence? It’s time to embrace the power of hospitality and embark on a journey to create exceptional patient experiences. Visit Dr. Sonick’s website for more information on his course and book: https://www.michaelsonick.com/ and purchase his book Treating People Not Patients: https://amzn.to/3StIa92.