We see it every day, plastic surgery practices posting an office staff photo time and again in order to get a few likes on Facebook. The reasoning behind this is simply that their local competition is doing the same thing and in order to maintain relevance, they feel it necessary to keep up. The main question to ask yourself is, “what value am I gaining by posting these photos every day?” or more importantly, “what value am I providing to potential patients by posting staff photo after staff photo?” Investing in quality content to publish is the difference between blending in and standing out from your local competition on Facebook feeds.


Why Publish Content?

With more and more competitors realizing that social media has replaced most of the traditional media, the competition for the local audience has increased with the post-saturation. Within this competitive race, is also the realization that people are seeking helpful, quality content. Doing so allows you to become more to potential patients than another smiling face on a billboard. By investing in content publishing you prove that you are willing to help potential patients make an educated decision about any procedures they are interested in. While doing this you are also building brand equity and trust with your local audience. At HIP we have also seen this published content being used as a great referral tool for past patients to pass along to friends looking at getting a procedure.


Where to Publish Content?

Find out where your ideal patients are and that’s where you should be publishing content. This is why it’s important to have any content linked to an overall strategy where you have established who your ideal patients are and know their behaviors. In addition, knowing what type of content is relevant to the channel is important. At HIP, we are experienced in and are constantly testing new mediums and messages to reach ideal patients, nurture those potential patients and convert them into your patients. It’s also important to have a blog connected to your plastic surgery website to publish the content on. This allows potential patients to find your website and ultimately convert into a paying patient.


When we, at HIP, partner with a plastic surgery practice we work hand in hand to dig into the issue that plagues many plastic surgery practices with lead generation. From there we begin to establish well thought out strategies to deliver the right content to the right potential patient. Quality, informative content paired with a strategic lead nurturing process can make quite a difference in yearly growth and patient experience when lead by the right agency.