We’re happy to have you back for another episode of The GrowOrtho Podcast. On today’s episode, we chat with Madison Martin, Sales Director at Fishbein Orthodontics. Tune in to hear Madison’s thoughts and insights about:

  • What made Madison make the leap from clinical assistant to sales (and how that transition benefited her in her current position as Sales Director)
  • What type of person is needed to succeed in the role of Treatment Coordinator—and what type of personality traits can get in the way
  • What happened to conversion rates and consultation times when Fishbein orthodontics transitioned to “TC empowered” (i.e. doctorless) consultations
  • How long initial patient consults last at Fishbein (and yes, they time these down to the minute)
  • How Fishbein navigates the fee presentations (hint: handwritten estimates are surprisingly pivotal)
  • What systems look like inside their practice and the strategies they use to implement new systems efficiently
  • How Fishbein has achieved an 80% same-day start rate
  • What Madison’s team does for patient tracking

We start off the conversation by asking Madison about the impact of Fishbein Orthodontics’ move to patient consults led by treatment coordinators—that is, consults conducted without the doctor present. While it might sound strange, she notes that their conversion rates have actually gone up since they went doctorless during consults, in part because doctors can be a bit “technical” and unintentionally intimidate or overwhelm patients and parents.

Madison also attributes the access of their TC-empowered consults to the qualities of the TCs themselves. In her professional experience, Madison says the best-converting TCs are bubbly, energetic, and relatable to help put the patient and parents at ease. A good TC should also be willing to work and “know the sale isn’t just going to fall into your hands,” she add, nothing that perfectionism (e.g. expecting a 100% conversion rate) and pushiness can be hugely detrimental.

Here are a few more insights you can expect to glean from the Sales Director of an industry leader:

  • The patient consult “flow,” as Madison calls it, “comes from the processes we have in place before the patient even gets there. “To this point, she stresses the importance of things like standardized front desk verbiage, daily systems, checklists, and tracking methods—all critical for ensuring consistency and an exceptional patient experience.
  • How’s this for a Fishbein philosophy to chew on: “Options are obstacles.” Madison notes that ht more payment options you give to patients, the more time they need to figure things out—which can ultimately move them away from conversion. Instead, she recommends making fee presentations “as easy as possible” by utilizing strategies like handwritten estimates and catering the discussion toward the resources patients have (e.g. enough to cover the start fee and monthly installments) and not what they don’t have (e.g. the overall cost of the treatment—which really isn’t known at the start anyway).
  • Still amazed by Fishbein Orhodontics’ 80% same-day rate? We are too. Madison goes into detail about how they’ve achieved this and how they make sure all prospective patients are aware that same-day starts are possible (and therefore come to the office prepared).

Madison advises listeners who want to learn more to come to one of their popular Fishbein Fundamentals courses, or sign up for a one-on-one session-email her colleague Kasey at kasey@fishortho.com to learn more. You can also reach out to Madison directly by emailing her at madison.martin@smiledoctors.com.