Plan so You Can Conquer

Wes and Kelsey had a vision. A vision to open their own practice. But how do you transform a vision into reality? With precise planning. They didn’t just plan, they strategized. Every budget, every expense was meticulously researched, contacting vendors for the most accurate numbers. Spreadsheets weren’t just tools, they were their allies, helping them model financial projections. And what’s a strategy without a mentor? Their guidance was instrumental in every step of this journey. Are you ready to strategize your roadmap to success?

Location – More Than Just an Address

Choosing the right location is not just about visibility, it’s about potential. Wes and Kelsey saw that potential in a building site they purchased. Limited visibility didn’t deter them, they saw the area’s long-term growth. With the real estate secured, they were ready to conquer the next phase. Are you ready to see beyond the obvious?

Your Online Presence – The Digital Gateway to Success

A website is more than just an online presence, it’s your digital identity. Wes and Kelsey recognized this and engaged Fishbein Fundamentals to build out their website and optimize it for SEO. The result? Even before opening, Linear Orthodontics ranked #1 locally. Their early efforts in digital marketing generated leads even before opening day. Are you ready to make your digital mark?

Challenges – Stepping Stones to Success

Every challenge is an opportunity. That’s what Wes and Kelsey believed when unforeseen delays pushed back their opening. But thanks to their website, over 450 potential patients had been exposed to Linear Orthodontics online by May 2023. Do you see challenges or opportunities?

Strategic Advertising – The Key to Patient Acquisition

Fishbein’s ads on platforms like Facebook and Google didn’t just attract patients, they brought in around 60 new ones. For a startup without referrals, this is nothing short of a triumph. Are you ready to unlock the power of strategic advertising?

Community – The Heartbeat of Success

The first Fishbein Fundamentals event was more than just an event for Wes and Kelsey. It was a re-energizer, showing them examples of thriving through abundance versus competition. Are you ready to be part of a winning community?

Your Orthodontic Practice Is Just a Decision Away

For anyone planning to start their own ortho practice, Wes and Kelsey are here to share their journey. With careful planning and HIP supporting you with marketing, software, curriculum, and coaching, your vision can become a reality. Are you ready to take the first step towards success?