As we’ve seen, the new patient journey is the backbone of orthodontic practice growth. From the first point of contact to commencing treatment, every stage must be executed with precision, empathy, and efficiency. By implementing the strategies outlined in the Orthodontic Practice Growth Series, your front desk and scheduling coordinators, as well as the treatment coordinator, will work together seamlessly to successfully guide patients through this journey. As a result, you can expect to see increased conversions of leads to patients, thriving same-day starts, and a flourishing practice.

The Online Lead Process

Andrea struggled with her crooked teeth for many years, constantly feeling self-conscious and hiding her smile in every situation possible. But, with her newfound determination to exude confidence and embrace the joy of a perfect smile, Andrea embarked on her orthodontic journey to find the right practice that could cater to her unique needs. From her Google search, she finds the practice with the most professional website and positive Google reviews. When she reaches the “Request a Free Consultation” tab on the website and receives the “Our scheduling coordinator will be in touch with you shortly!” message, the process flow should proceed like this:

  • The TC in the practice should call within 2 minutes.
  • When on the call, the TC should briefly inform the patient about the practice’s philosophy and treatment options.
  • The conversation should then proceed with information about the consultation.
  • On the morning of the consultation, the patient should receive a text message reminder.

Speed to lead is a strategy used by customer service professionals to respond quickly to inquiries and provide the best possible customer experience. It’s all about responding quickly and efficiently, while also providing a personalized experience. If the TC is unable to reach a patient, the best practice would be to follow up at least 6 times until she hears a response. If a desired time frame can’t be scheduled for the patient, that’s what a TC can offer a virtual consultation to make the process more convenient.

The Free Consultation

Crafting a smooth first appointment at your orthodontic practice significantly impacts your patients’ entire treatment experience. By paying attention to the details, offering consistent, professional services, and ensuring a positive rapport with patients, you are not merely providing optimal orthodontic care but facilitating a patient journey that is enjoyable and memorable. Prioritize warm welcomes, effective communication, and an organized, professional environment to create a strong foundation for a positive and engaging patient experience.

The Patient Meets the Doctor

An effective orthodontic consultation need not be a time-consuming experience. By focusing on a concise introduction and moving swiftly to present treatment options, a doctor’s approach should respect the client’s time and emotional well-being. Moreover, clients have the alternative choice of a TC Empowerment Consultation, allowing them even more autonomy over the process by deciding whether or not to involve an orthodontist. Both of these methodologies prioritize the client’s comfort, empowering them to make educated decisions about their dental health, and ultimately leading to a more satisfying orthodontic experience overall.

The Four Commitments and the Fee Presentation

As a recap, below are the four factors that must be considered when committing to a lengthy process and financial investment:

  1. Do they have the time to follow through with the process and get results?
  2. Do they have an understanding of how the process works?
  3. Do they have the authority to make the decision?
  4. Do they have the money to pay for it?

Once the patient has considered these four factors and has committed to going through the treatment process, that’s when the TC should present the presentation fee: a simple piece of paper with the necessary blanks to fill in the patient’s pertinent information and the treatment fees.

By mastering this TC checklist and consistently implementing it for each potential patient, you are setting the stage for success in your practice. A well-trained and efficient TC will not only contribute to an increase in new patient starts but will also create a positive and hassle-free experience for both the patient and the healthcare provider. Use this checklist as a roadmap to help your TC become an invaluable asset to your team, and watch your practice flourish!

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