Welcome back to The GrowOrtho Podcast. This episode features Kasey Workman, Director of Sales at Fishbein Orthodontics. Kasey oversees their team of six treatment coordinators and makes sure everything works smoothly for the highly successful Pensacola-area practice.

Tune in to hear about:

  • The typical journey of becoming a Fishbein patient, starting with the initial consult
  • Why virtual consultations are so valuable in today’s world (where instant access isn’t the exception, but the expectation)
  • How Fishbein cut their initial consult times in half
  • Same-day starts and other processes that practices can use to remove obstacles for patients who are ready to get started ASAP
  • What the “sweet spot” is for a down payment — and what Kasey does if someone says they can’t pay the initial amount
  • Tips on implementing same-day starts at your practice
  • Kasey’s approach to handling pending reports

One of the first things that stands out about this interview is Fishbein’s so-called “72-hour rule.” Kasey explains it this way: “If a patient wants to be seen as soon as possible, [we] have to get them in within three days.” Yes, even if the schedule is already full. “We do overbook if we have to.”

Why the steadfast commitment to this rule? Kasey explains that people who are highly motivated for orthodontics treatment are usually going to go to whomever they can get to first — so making sure her team is available ASAP is an effective strategy for setting the team up for success.

Here’s a summary of other topics we discuss in this episode:

  • When it comes to getting new patients in the door, availability matters, but flexibility matters, too. At Fishbein, there are multiple ways for patients to request a new exam appointment, from phone calls to Facebook ads to virtual consults via SmileSnap.
  • With 30+ patients per day at each Fishbein location, treatment coordinators do a lot of the legwork when it comes to helping patients start their journey. For context: In a typical 30-minute initial exam, patients are ready to meet with the doctor within 8 minutes. The doctor has a roughly 1- to 2-minute window, after which TCs serve as the main communicators with parents and patients.
  • This system wasn’t always so efficient — initial consults at Fishbein used to last for 60 minutes. Kasey credits the doctors for stepping up and understanding they need to be thorough but quick during face-to-face time with patients. Additional credit goes to the TCs themselves. “They know what they’re talking about,” Kasey says, adding that excellent TC training is so important for making sure patients (and parents) get all the information they need while still getting the best experience possible.
  • TCs at Fishbein also have a very specific mindset: “Every patient that comes in wants braces or Invisalign, and they are most likely going to get them that day.” Assuming this is true, how can TCs eliminate obstacles that would otherwise stop a motivated patient from getting started? Same-day starts is huge, Kasey says. Patients love knowing they can get started right away and not have to waste time coming in for another appointment.
  • In addition to offering same-day starts and keeping the doctors’ face-to-face time short during initial consults, Kasey recommends streamlining the estimate process and minimizing payment options. That includes offering one single down payment upfront, which they’ve settled upon after years of testing. Their current “sweet spot” of $300 means patients don’t have to go home and think about it — it’s a figure most people feel ready to get started with.
  • Incentives for both patients and TCs also have a huge influence on same-day start rates, Kasey explains. For TCs in particular, switching to a commission-based payment structure has been “hugely motivating.” Given the overwhelming success of Fishbein Orthodontics, it’s a structure that certainly seems to be working.

To connect with Kasey, you can reach out at kasey@fishortho.com, or call the office and ask for her directly.