Automation is key when it comes to a successful front desk team. It allows your team to be more efficient and organized, while freeing up their time to focus on other tasks. Automation can help with everything from tracking customer contacts, to scheduling appointments and more. Let’s explore how keeping your leads with PracticeBeacon (PB) can help you make the most of automation for your front desk team.

Keeping Your Leads

To make sure your leads don’t slip away, it’s important to ensure that you have the right systems and training in place for your team. To get started on this journey of success – here are 4 key rules when following up with these valuable assets:

1. You should send “love touches” whenever possible. A “love touch” just means checking in on prospective patients to see how they’re doing and if they’ve given any thought to a consultation or treatment.

2. You should consistently WOW them with great service. Don’t chase them away with a poor attitude or neglect to provide them with essential information. Leads will stick around if you give them a reason to.

3. The ball should always be left in their court, not yours. Their messages to you should NEVER be left unanswered. You should always have the last word in, then follow up if they don’t respond.

4. Always keep the lead warm! Follow up, follow up, love touch, follow up!

What Is PracticeBeacon

PB offers a variety of features that can help optimize any business. It will help boost your team’s effectiveness and efficiency by assisting them in booking more appointments, reducing no-shows, and cutting out time-wasting tasks. Moreover, it allows users to quickly set up automated customer service messages with personalized emails and text messages to keep customers engaged with the services being offered. Users can also use automated customer segmentation to target their message based on specific customer attributes such as age or location. Finally, PB provides detailed analytics about how much money you are spending on marketing versus how many new patients it is bringing in, allowing you to make smarter decisions about where you are investing your funds.

How PracticeBeacon Helps

PB stands apart from other CRM software due to its various features that make tracking an effortless process. Your team will be able to fill your calendar consistently without feeling overwhelmed as they will have access to automated patient forms, automated reminders for appointments, and automated post-treatment follow-ups. Additionally, they will be able to understand if the money they’re spending on marketing is bringing them new patients and if those patients are converting into paying customers or not. This makes it easy for them to see what tactics are working and which need improvement.

Providing Feedback Through PracticeBeacon

As an orthodontist or business owner, the success of your practice is largely dependent on how well your team works together. Providing feedback to ensure that everyone is on the same page and following the right processes can be difficult. That’s why we created a function on PB that will track your team’s conversations and provide them with automated feedback to help them improve. Read on to learn more about how this feature works.

In conclusion, PracticeBeacon (PB) is an advanced CRM software that helps businesses optimize their lead management by automating follow-ups, converting more leads, and understanding how much money they are making from digital advertisements. It offers features such as automated customer service messages with personalized emails and text messages; targeted customer segmentation; detailed analytics; automated patient forms; appointment reminders; post treatment follow ups; and so much more! With PB at your side streamlining critical new patient interactions so that you can book more consults with ease – all while seeing the communication clearer than ever – why wait any longer? Give PracticeBeacon a try today!

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