Every orthodontist strives to provide their patients with excellent treatment that gives them beautiful, healthy smiles. However, achieving this level of perfection requires more than just standard treatment and wire bends – it requires a truly customized approach. And this is where KLOwen Orthodontics comes in with their revolutionary custom digital modular system. With KLOwen, orthodontists and their teams are empowered to provide exceptional, custom treatment that not only brings smiles to their patients’ faces but also builds practice success.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into how KLOwen Orthodontics is changing the game for orthodontists and their teams. We’ll explore the benefits of their custom digital modular system, including true straightwire mechanics, full engagement for occlusion, and individualized bracket RX and IDB precision bracket placement. By the end of this article, you’ll understand why KLOwen Orthodontics is the ultimate solution for achieving next-level practice efficiency.

The Purpose Behind KLOwen

The KLOwen Orthodontics system is designed to provide fully custom, predictable, excellent smiles without the tedious impracticality of traditional wire bends and bracket repositions. The difference is immediately clear: KLOwen is the only digital modular system that empowers orthodontists and their team to provide true straightwire mechanics. This means that the wire follows a perfectly calibrated path, providing unmatched precision that delivers superior results.

How KLOwen Helps Orthodontists

In addition to true straightwire mechanics, KLOwen also offers full engagement for occlusion. This means the ability to fill the slot with full wire expression. This level of customization ensures a perfect fit between the teeth, resulting in optimal occlusion and functionality.

KLOwen’s individualized bracket RX and IDB precision bracket placement provide the ultimate in customization. This means customizing the orthodontic bracket prescription for each patient while guaranteeing precision placement for optimal results. By using this new approach, orthodontists can now design a personalized prescription for each tooth, using digital technology to design custom brackets.

The KLOwen System

The KLOwen Orthodontic system offers numerous benefits to orthodontists and their teams, including increased efficiency and productivity. Customization reduces the occurrence of repositioning brackets and wire bending, leading to less time and involvement from the orthodontist and his team. Besides, the precision technology ensures that patients get the absolute best results without a long and complicated process.

Achieving next-level practice efficiency is a priority for orthodontists who want to provide high-quality treatment while increasing productivity and success. And, KLOwen Orthodontics is here to deliver that change. The system provides true straightwire mechanics, full engagement for occlusion, and individualized bracket RX and IDB precision bracket placement, all resulting in exceptional smiles without tiresome wire bends and bracket repositions. With KLOwen Orthodontics, orthodontists and their teams can empower themselves with cutting-edge technology for the best possible outcomes. It’s time to move past the social six and deliver custom, personalized results to patients and promote practice success.