Change is inevitable, and this is especially true when it comes to business. As the world around us shifts and evolves, so too must our businesses. While change can be uncomfortable, it’s often necessary in order to achieve growth within our organizations. This is especially true for those in the orthodontics industry who are striving to see more new patients and have financial freedom. However, as we face these new challenges and possibilities, we often run into the biggest obstacle of them all: ourselves.

Fostering the Right Mindset

In order for any business—especially healthcare practices like orthodontics—to remain successful over time, they need be able to adapt quickly and efficiently as situations arise both internally and externally (i.e., changes in technology). For Dr. Ben Fishbein of Fishbein Orthodontics, this meant hiring additional staff members so that he could focus solely on being a doctor while still inspiring buy-in from his team members; this allowed him achieve success beyond what even he thought possible back in 2013 when he first opened up shop! Ultimately, inspiring change starts with leading by example; setting high standards for yourself (and your staff); communicating clearly; encouraging openness; but most of all, being patient with yourself (and others) during times of transition!

Six Mindset Shifts

In order for roles and responsibilities to be properly delated, the following six mind shifts need to occur to set the practice up for success:

  1. The TC Role is a Specialized Role
  2. The Patient is Pre-Sold
  3. Gain Certainty from the Truth, the Facts, and the Reality
  4. I Am a Guard-Disarming Agent
  5. Capacity for Consultations
  6. Incentives for TCs

In order for any of these changes to be successful, they must first be embraced by everyone involved—from staff members all the way up through leadership. When employees are empowered and encouraged to think outside the box when it comes to their job roles, then creative solutions are more likely to emerge that could benefit both the patient experience and overall practice growth.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

When done correctly, mindset shifts can have a huge impact on your office’s success and growth potential. As the leader of your team, it’s up to you demonstrate what is expected from everyone else in terms of behavior and drive towards achieving goals – this sets a standard that encourages innovation and ambition within your office culture. Additionally, these shifts also open up possibilities that may not have been considered before – giving everyone more room to explore new ideas without fear of failure or judgement from their peers or superiors alike! With these shifts implemented into daily practice at work, there’s nothing stopping any business from reaching its wildest dreams!

Having a growth mindset as a business leader isn’t just good for morale; it also helps drive results in terms of increased productivity, innovation, collaboration between teams and departments, customer satisfaction ratings (and retention), employee morale (and retention), customer lifetime value (CLV)…the list goes on! The best way forward is always through small changes like these which help move the needle in big ways over time – rather than trying big transformations which could cause disruption or confusion among staff members instead of inspiring them towards greatness!

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