Are you looking for ways to get more people into your orthodontic office? Or maybe you’re looking to drive more sales in your business. Either way, having a team that understands processes and procedures is key. After all, it’s the team members who handle new patient phone calls and scheduling who have the most critical role in the practice. They are the ones who drive and dictate the volume of production more than anybody else. So, how can you ensure your team does it efficiently? It all comes down to training your team on proper processes and procedures.

The Most Vital Role in Your Practice

Anybody that handles new patient phone calls and scheduling has the most critical role in the practice, as they drive and dictate the volume of production more than anybody else. They have to be equipped with knowledge about your practice so they can answer any questions a prospective patient may have, as well as being able to make sure patients get scheduled quickly. That’s why it is vital that your team is trained on the proper processes and procedures that will help ensure they do their job properly.

The Power of Salesmanship

Salesmanship is an integral part of any business; it means helping people! As sales professionals, it should be the goal of your team members to establish trust and connection with prospective patients by understanding their needs and providing informed solutions—all while having fun in doing so! Helping your team members understand this will result in more successful interactions with prospective patients which will ultimately lead to better outcomes for everyone involved.

Impact Versus Information

How can your front desk team lower the guards of prospective patients?

  • Show your true intentions
  • Use softer language
  • Change your tempo and tonality
  • Use connecting phrases
  • Chunk down your spiel

Processes and procedures are essential components when it comes down running a successful orthodontic practice. With proper training on processes and procedures, plus adequate tools provided by management, anyone handling new patient phone calls has an invaluable role in dictating production volume within the office—and therefore overall success! Get into the habit of letting people know you are there to help them. Additionally, teaching salesmanship skills is just as important as teaching technical skills as it helps build trust between practitioner teams/patients which results in better outcomes all around! All-in-all training your teams on processes/procedures plus salesmanship strategies leads to greater success within any orthodontic office!

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