In order for orthodontic practices to thrive, they need to have a strong front desk & scheduling team in place. The scheduling coordinator is one of the most important members of that team. In this episode, you’ll learn all about the secrets of the front desk in the fastest-growing orthodontic practices and how the right processes can make all the difference.

About Front Desk Secrets

You’ve probably heard of the KISS principle: “Keep it simple stupid.” Over the years, I have seen that applying this principle to business increases efficiency, productivity, and profit. I bring this up because many of you may read this book and think, “It can’t be that simple… “Do you mean if we just call the leads quickly…text them right away…then we will get more starts?” Well, to be honest, it is a little more complicated than that. But not by much! That’s why I wrote this book.

It all starts with having the right people. You can actually throw experience out of the window. If your scheduling team doesn’t have the right PERSONALITY and the right MINDSET, it just won’t work. Think back to a bad customer service experience you had, maybe even at a doctor’s office. Was the front desk exceptional? Were you contacted quickly? At check-in, was there a frosted glass window separating you from a standoffish team member who said as little as possible in a monotone voice? Did you have to wait longer than five or ten minutes to be called back?

Now, think back to a great experience. Maybe it was at Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, The Ritz, or a local business. What made the experience great? Was the first touch a WOW? Someone probably stood out on both occasions. Attitude and mindset make a HUGE difference.

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