How do you make a dentist smile? With the perfect gift at the perfect moment!

But finding the perfect gift for a dentist, dental hygienist, or orthodontist can be tricky. And that’s especially true if you’re looking for something fun and funny. Dentists are highly skilled professionals who work in a stressful environment, and a touch of humor can bring unexpected joy to their day. But you’ll want to seek a balance between professionalism and personality to find a gift appropriate for your dental professional.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your family dentist, your boss, or a friend or co-worker, you’ll find the perfect funny gift for every denial professional on this list! So we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the top 12 fun and thoughtful gifts for dentists this year!

Handmade Customized Dentist Mug

Unlike many of the novelty dentist mugs you’ll see, this one has a truly personalized look and feel. The lab coat and tools are hand-sculpted from clay, so you can even add unique details to make it truly one-of-a-kind. Available in either a 16oz or 11.5oz size, this custom dental mug is perfect for your dentist’s morning coffee or as a decorative pencil holder on their desk.

Personalized Dentist Bobblehead

Who wouldn’t love to see themselves as a bobblehead? These companies will use a picture of your favorite dental professional to create a 3D head that’s stunningly realistic and a ton of fun! It’s bound to make your dentist laugh, and they’ll proudly feature it on their desk for everyone to see!

Dentist Caricature Portrait

If you like bringing your dentist or dental hygienist to life but find a bobblehead is a bit pricey, a custom caricature is another fun gift idea. Get an exaggerated cartoon portrait of any dental professional for a reasonable price. Your funny dentist’s portrait is delivered as a downloadable file you can easily print and frame to hang in their office.

“Say Ahhh” Desktop Planter

This 3D-printed desktop planter is a rare gift that’s the perfect mix of funny and practical. It’s classy enough to look good anywhere in your dentist’s office, and when you fill it with low-maintenance succulents, it’ll add a touch of green to your sterilized spaces. It’s a perfect gift for a dentist, hygienist, oral surgeon, orthodontist, or anyone who works with teeth.

Dentist Jokes Book

Does your dentist have a sense of humor? If so, this book of old-school dental jokes may be right up their alley! Warning: We’re not looking at high-brow humor here — think “dad jokes,” puns, and throwback humor. Some of these jokes are knee-slapping funny, and they probably deserve a home on your dentist’s bookshelf!

Flossing Christmas Ornament

If you’re looking for a funny holiday gift for a dentist or hygienist, look no further than this hilarious Christmas ornament. After all, when it comes to flossing, your dental professional has the superpower to know if you’ve been naughty or nice — just like Santa Claus!

Oversized Tooth Soaps

We love these hilarious tooth-shaped soaps — and your dentist or hygienist will too! Imagine the surprise when they open up their gift to see these oversized molars staring out at them. They’re perfect for decorating the office bathroom or to use at home. Make sure that oral hygiene is always top of mind!

Fun Teeth Magnets

Add a ‘bite’ of whimsy to your dentist’s fridge with Kikkerland’s Teeth Magnets. This set of six, including one standout gold tooth, offers a quirky yet practical way to display notes and photos. Let your fridge ‘smile’ back at you with these charming teeth magnets, a funny addition to any fridge or office whiteboard.

Novelty Dental Professional Socks

Most funny gifts for dentists are destined to sit on their desks or hang on a wall, but these novelty dental socks are a gift they can actually use! The toothy designs on these comfy socks are the perfect gift to “brush up” any outfit and bring a bit of personality to your favorite dental professional’s uniform.



Orthodontist Golf Balls

If there’s one thing orthodontists love more than straightening smiles, it’s hitting the links. These ortho-themed golf balls make a perfect funny gift for the dental professional in your life. And while they may not fix their slice, hopefully, they’ll bring a smile to their face!

“Can’t Fix Stupid” Dental Keychain

People skills are a crucial part of a hygienist’s job, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get fed up with silly questions. Help your favorite dental hygienist blow off some steam with this funny keychain that’ll fix a smile on their face every time they go to open a door!

“I’m Silently Judging Your Teeth” T-Shirt

Do you feel judged at the dentist’s office? Of course, we all do! So help your favorite dentist or hygienist lean into that awkwardness with this hilariously uncomfortable shirt. Everyone is sure to get a hearty laugh when they show up to their 4th of July BBQ in this one!

Unique Dentist Gifts for Every Personality

Now you have our top 12 fun gift ideas for dentists. But remember, when it comes to picking the perfect gift for dentists and dental hygienists, it’s essential to consider their personality too. The good news is that whether your dentist appreciates a good laugh or your dental hygienist values practicality, there’s something in this list for everyone.

The best gift is one that matches your dental professional’s personality. Because that’s the gift that will make them feel truly appreciated. Be sure to choose a gift that not only brings a smile to their faces but also reflects their unique style and your relationship with them.