Your dental assistant is your right hand in the office. They keep everything on schedule, your patients happy, and you sane (relatively). So be sure you show how much you appreciate them with gifts for a job well done.

Gift-giving can be stressful, so we’ve put together this list of no-fail dental assistant gift ideas you can return to any time you need to show appreciation. There’s sure to be something here for every RDA in your life!

Dental Assistant Gift Ideas for The Office

Your assistant spends much of their waking hours in your office. So these gifts are carefully selected to bring a little more joy into their lives as they spend time at their desk or with patients daily.

1. Dental Assistant Tumbler

Everyone needs to hydrate! A fun tumbler for bringing coffee from home or keeping water at their desk is a must-have for every dental assistant. A fun graphic and dental theme keeps things both light and topical.

Where to find it: This one at Amazon comes ready to gift in a box with metal straws and a straw brush: Tumblr On Amazon

2. Funny Teeth Socks

Add a bit of fashion to your office by gifting your dental assistant some patterned teeth socks. They’re a brilliant and fun way to tell your assistant thanks for doing a great job.

Where to find it: Amazon Top Teeth Sock Picks

3. Travel Makeup bag

These dental-themed travel makeup bags are a ton of fun. And they’re versatile enough that dental assistants can use them to store pens or other items around their desks. This set, available at Amazon, includes 6 different patterns, so you can give one to everyone in the office!

Where to find it: Makeup Travel Bag On Amazon

4. Fun-Fashion Dental Sweatshirt

Many dental assistants love a way to be proud of their profession without needing to sport a company logo when out of the office. These trendy tooth-inspired sweatshirts are the perfect gift for the fashionistas in your practice.

Where to find it: Etsy Dental Sweatshirt Gifts, Etsy Dental Hoodies

5. Just Floss T-shirt

Four out of five dentists recommend this funny take on a famous catchphrase and logo! It’s instantly recognizable and a quick-witted piece that’s bound to get a smile out of anyone. The shirt is fun and fashionable and available at Etsy in 13 colors!

Where to find it: This Etsy Shop

6. Personalized Zip Jacket

To round out the wearables, consider a personalized jacket as a gift for your dental assistant. This fabulous shop on Etsy offers personalized full-zip and quarter-zip jackets for your team members. You can choose from a range of colors and body styles, so there’s bound to be an excellent fit for everyone!

Where to find it: This Etsy Shop

7. Dental Assistant Badge Reel Holder

Every dental assistant needs a badge holder, so why not help them make it a fashion statement? The “Dental Squad” holder by Skaworth Designs is fun and flashy. And this handmade pressed-flowers badge holder at Etsy is quite classy. Pick one that fits your assistant’s personality.

Where to find it: Amazon Badge Reel Holder, Etsy Tooth Badge

8. Scrub Cap 5-Pack

Scrub caps might not be your assistant’s favorite accessory, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. This 5-pack of festive-patterned scrub caps gives your dental assistant a whole week of fresh looks. Plus, it’s made of comfortable, washable cotton so that they can use them again and again!

Where to find it: Scrub cap pack on Etsy

9. Dental Shoes

Safe and comfortable shoes are a must-have for any dental assistant, but fashion doesn’t have to be an afterthought. With options from comfy and washable slip-on medical clogs to slip-on to trendy dental-themed sneakers, think about your assistant’s feet the next time you need a great gift idea!

Where to find it: Etsy Dental Shoes, Dental Hygienist Gift Etsy

Dental Assistant Gifts For Before & After Work

Life doesn’t start and end at the office, you know! So here are some gift ideas your dental assistant can enjoy before or after work to make their life a little better.

1. Coffee Shop Gift Card

Perk up their day with a gift card from a local coffee shop. Your dental assistant will savor the chance to indulge in their favorite coffee drinks and tasty pastries or savory snacks. This invigorating gift will keep them energized and ready to tackle each day with a smile.

2. Mug & Wine Glass Combo

One-half of this clever gift idea for dental assistants can be used in the office AND at home. But the second part is definitely for after-hours! So on those mornings when they need a second cup of coffee, or the nights when they need to unwind, they’ll be appreciative of your generosity…and your keen sense of humor!

Where to find it: Amazon Gift 

3. Dental-Themed Throw Pillows

These cozy cushions feature fun dental-themed designs, making them the perfect conversation starter and irresistibly fun addition to their home. They’ll love sinking into the soft embrace of these pillows after a long day at work. Find the perfect design at

Where to find it: RedBubble Gift

4. Dental Art Print

Transform their home with a “Smile-Inducing” dental art print that showcases their love for their profession. These captivating and intricate illustrations from Codex Anatomicus are both elegant and anatomically correct, making them a unique piece of decor that will leave a lasting impression in any study or home office.

Where to find it: Codex Anatomy Gift 

Dental Assistant Gifts For Free Time

If you really want your dental assistant to feel appreciated, try thinking outside the box and gift them an experience they’ll always remember. Here are a few ways to help your assistant feel as unique as you know they are:

1. Spa Day Gift Card

Give the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation with an “Ultimate Bliss Break” spa day gift card. Your dental assistant will be whisked away to a world of tranquility, where they can indulge in soothing massages, revitalizing facials, and other pampering treatments. It’s the perfect way to say “thank you” for all their hard work.

Find the ideal spa experience at: SpaFinder

2. Cooking Class Experience – “Culinary Creations Adventure”

Let their taste buds embark on an adventure with a gift card for a cooking class. Your dental assistant will have a blast learning new techniques and discovering exotic flavors. It’s a bit outside the box, but they just may create memories that last a lifetime.

Check out CozyMeal for options: CozyMeal Gift Card

3. Yoga Class Pass – “Serenity Stretch”

Encourage inner peace and physical well-being with a “Serenity Stretch” yoga class pass. If you know that your dental assistant is into yoga (or wants to try it), they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness. It’s a gift that they’ll love and will provide lasting benefits that go well beyond the office.

Explore local yoga studios for gift cards or visit: Yoga Finder

4. Paint & Sip Experience

Unleash their inner artist with a paint & sip experience gift card. Your dental assistant can explore their creativity while sipping on their favorite drink. It’s a delightful way to unwind, make new friends, and create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece they’ll be proud to show off.

Find a fun and vibrant experience at: Painting With A Twist Gift Card

5. Bookstore Gift Card – “Literary Escapades”

Ignite their imagination with a “bookstore gift card. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, offering countless hours of entertainment and enrichment. Local bookstores are a great place to start, or visit Barnes & Noble.

Your Perfect Gift Is Waiting!

There you have it— 18 winning gift ideas for your dental assistant. Remember to show your appreciation often and keep your team’s most critical members motivated to do their best!