Welcome back to another episode of All Things Business for Physicians. In this installment, we’re chatting with Dr. Ben Fishbein about the benefits of using Facebook Messenger ads for your private practice. Dr. Fishbein is an orthodontist with five locations in Northwest Florida.

Tune in to learn about:

  • Our new approach to the use of Facebook ads, and why it’s so effective
  • What lead ads are
  • The importance of using a call to action (CTA)
  • How we’ve been achieving patient conversions for Dr. Fishbein for less than $5
  • Why Dr. Fishbein thinks revamping his Facebook strategy has been a boom for his business and a great ROI

We’ve seen some incredible results with the use of ads on Facebook Messenger for many of the business owners we’ve been assisting, including Dr. Fishbein. Interestingly, we’re no longer just relying on the traditional model of getting prospective clients over to the clinicians’ websites (though we certainly still utilize this).

We’ve also been exploring ways to convert clients directly on Facebook so they don’t have to leave the platform at all. This makes sense because we know people spend a lot of time there, as they do on other social media sites. Here are a few ways this can work:

  • A prospective patient clicks on an ad directly on Facebook Messenger. A pre-populated form (complete with their information) pops up, the patient clicks accept, and then the information is sent to you (the business owner).
  • A prospective patient clicks on a Facebook ad and is provided with a call to action statement (such as “Message Us”). This takes them directly into Facebook Messenger where they can get in touch with you, right from the comfort of their own Facebook profile! (You can imagine how much faster this is for both patients and business owners.)

Dr. Fishbein reports that he’s seen many new patients through this new Facebook ad campaign — specifically, increased traffic to his website and upward of 80 additional conversions (appointment requests) in just six months. Through our help, he’s also been able to analyze the overall cost of the new ad campaign, amassing data that is helping him streamline his marketing strategy.

And while every private practice is different, Dr. Fishbein strongly urges any physician/business owner to explore the use of Facebook ads and Facebook Messenger as part of their patient acquisition process. It’s a no-brainer.

Watch the video: