This episode of The GrowOrtho Podcast features Trey Rivera. Trey is the founder of Beyond Just You and helps orthodontists and dentists build their dream teams. Trey helps practice owners from the initial steps of candidate attraction, interviewing/onboarding, all the way through team retention and development.

In today’s episode, you can look forward to learning about:

  • How Trey and Beyond Just You’s decades of experience working with Fortune 500 companies help orthodontists build and retain their dream team
  • What Beyond Just You does for orthodontics or dental practice owners to realize their vision and goals for business and life
  • Why having a systemized hiring process from beginning to end and beyond will exponentially grow your practice
  • What the typical orthodontist or dentist practice can expect for success and freedom after working with Trey and Beyond Just You
  • How working with an experienced team like Beyond Just You will put your ultimate dream team in place and give you peace of mind
  • One of Trey’s recent favorite success stories from a client in the medical industry

And as always, here’s a summary of the topics we dig into:

  • After years of working as part of corporate America, Trey found his passion in helping businesses grow and developing financial success. However through creating financial success for the businesses he worked with, Beyond Just You was born to help practice owners serve their patients better with the right team.
  • As Trey was working with his clients, he realized he could help practice owners identify the right type of talent to hire and then develop a plan for these new hires to create future growth and opportunity for the practice itself. This included reducing the time to hire and getting new team members into the right position to serve and grow best.
  • Would a systemized hiring process make a difference in your business? Trey knows it will. His holistic approach from candidate attraction, interviewing process, salary proposal, onboarding, and long term development helps practice owners build their dream team and create retention for those all-star hires.
  • Imagine have a team of coaches to leverage to help you with candidate hires from the front desk all the way to the technical, surgical level. “We have a team of coaches with over five decades of experience in both HR and recruiting at the Fortune 500 level… They’ve worked with hiring positions from hourly associates to your highly technical, specialist positions such as doctors, surgeons, etc… So, we can really work closely with our clients to pinpoint that ideal candidate.”
  • Trey has identified key solutions for practice owners. The biggest mistake he sees owners make is trying to figure out the entire process on their own and not asking for help. Beyond Just You helps practice owners avoid those costly mistakes, where 3 to 6 months down the road, the entire process becomes an unending burden. Beyond Just You sets up a practice owner’s all-star hire tying them into the vision for long time growth and success.
  • Beyond Just You delivers results for practice owners based on their individual goals. “For us, we spend a lot of time understanding how a practice owner is spending a lot of their time…” Trey explains that they approach time based on value. Beyond Just You has especially seen orthodontists who have a lot of high value tasks within the practice, but also a lot of high value tasks outside of the practice, such as “making their kid’s soccer game.” Beyond Just You structures those ideal scenarios and identifies the positions needed for their team members so practice owners can spend their time doing the most valuable tasks both inside and outside their practice.
  • When asked about one of his favorite client success stories, Trey brought up a practice owner who is in a very competitive area in Los Angeles. Trey’s client shared with him that not only were they able to hire a surgical specialist, but that the practice owner was also able to take time off without worrying about an emergency specialized surgery that came in, leaving the client able to spend time with their family throughout the weekend.

To connect with Trey and start the process to hiring your dream team, visit or email Trey: Trey will be happy to discuss with you your needs and vision for your practice to create the ultimate all-star dream team you need to reach your goals.