Welcome to the next episode of GrowOrtho, your guide to standing strong in your market. Today, Luke Infinger (Co-Founder of HIP Creative) welcomes to the show Alyx Perry (Direct of Patient Communications at Fishbein Orthodontics).

Fishbein Orthodontics has been one of the longest orthodontic partners of HIP Creative and is known by orthodontists across the country for their efficient systems and practices.

Alyx Perry brings us insight into how Fishbein Orthodontics cultivated a team that dominates excellent patient service through their phone call practices and scheduling systems.

Listen in as Alyx Perry breaks down the keys for:

  • How to build a team that loves to bring excellent service to their patients
  • Being empathetic to your team members and rallying them to deliver
  • What makes up a valuable team member that fits the culture
  • Understanding how to field questions that serve the patient best
  • How Fishbein Ortho follows up and tracks their leads
  • How clear communication becomes a key indicator for performance
  • And, the benefit and importance of setting up a call center

Here’s a summary of the topics you’ll hear Alyx and Luke dive into:

  • Alyx Perry is the Director of Patient Communication at Fishbein Orthodontics and has been with the practice for three and a half years. Her responsibilities include overseeing patient care, everyday operations, and tracking/monitoring call volume.
  • Alyx emphasizes how important it is to have a team that loves serving your patients. She iterates that a positive attitude is a must, and even if you’re having an off day, it’s important to keep that from being portrayed on your call. Ultimately, the goal is to talk to patients and brighten their day while leading them towards excellent service and care.
  • Fortunately, Alyx attributes a key factor of her team’s success to her being there in the office with them four or five days a week. She expresses how important it is to be empathetic with how her team members are feeling, giving them time to take a minute for themselves, so they can turn it around and be there to give excellent service to their patients.
  • Hiring for personality is the number one attribute Alyx and the Fishbein Ortho team look for when they seek out new team members. She insists that being a person who spreads cheer and excitement to her team members is a must and that is the type of attitude she wants everyone to embody and give.
  • Besides having a super detailed manual for the call center, keeping in the know of the different departments, allows team members to be experts on their call and field questions for their potential patients without scaring them off.
  • She mentions that if they get a question about cost, she knows that the lead is most likely price shopping around. So her goal is to guide them and get them into the practice with a complimentary consultation.
  • Alyx praises her team for being so great as they have diligently studied treatment notes to be as knowledgeable as possible for their patients.
  • Fishbein Orthodontics keeps loose with their phone call scripting. Instead, they rely on gathering key points of information, working towards going over pricing and same-day starts.
  • Same-day starts are paramount for Fishbein Orthodontics. Alyx presents an alternative of virtual consultations for those that can’t come into the office right away, but can start treatment from the convenience of their home.
  • Alyx utilizes PracticeBeacon, lead-management software, to keep track of their leads. Their goal is to figure out how someone can be scheduled and started the same day or at the very least give them options to get started sooner.
  • Ultimately, Alyx notes that Fishbein’s philosophy is not to say no to a potential patient coming in. If they have a specific appointment time they need, their goal is just to make it work and schedule appointments as best as possible. She also keeps the conversation transparent with the patient, letting them know that they’re squeezing them in and there may be a slight wait. She acknowledges patients typically thank her and are always understanding.
  • Plus, on the phone, Alyx’s team pre-frames the lead at the end of the call for what they can expect on their first visit, including what they’ll do and plant the idea that if everything looks good they can even start the same day. Her goal is to give a patient all the info they need for the exam so they’re ready to start that exact same day.
  • Communication is key for Fishbein Orthodontics. Keeping accurate notes in PracticeBeacon helps team members acquire as many details as possible for their new patients.
  • Alyx also goes over their workflow at Fishbein, where she has her team members wear headsets so they can multitask while staying on the phone with the patient (eliminating the need for putting them on hold).
  • Luke also asks Alyx to highlight the importance of why Fishbein Orthodontics established a separate call center for incoming leads. Alyx mentions that it takes off a lot of pressure from the front desk and really helps create an easier and more memorable experience for the patient.

To connect with Alyx you can visit her at Fishbein Orthodontics or send her an email at alyx@fishortho.com. She has been a pillar for her team and is an invaluable source of keys to a successful practice.