The success of any orthodontic practice is based on their ability to bring new patients in the door. However, if you are already seeing a large number of patients, it can be difficult to accommodate the influx of new consults without having to work longer hours. In this blog post, we will discuss how the nation’s top 1% orthodontic practices run 30-minute consultations to provide ample capacity for new patients and growth.

The Secret Formula

Implementing shorter consultations may seem intimidating at first but taking steps towards achieving this goal can be immensely beneficial for your practice in terms of both time savings and increased revenue from new patient visits.

Here is the secret formula:

  • 8 minutes for the records technician.
  • 2-5 minutes for the doctor’s consultation.
  • 5 minutes for the TC’s fee presentation.

With proper training and incentives for staff members, running 30-minute consultations can lead your practice into greater success overall!

Virtual Consultations

If a patient is looking for a quick and easy way to get started on treatment, virtual appointments are the way to go! With a virtual consultation, a patient can submit information and photos of their teeth from home, receive a treatment plan and financial option, and schedule an in-office consultation—all without ever having to step foot in theoffice! Plus, patients save time and money by not having to take time off from work or pay for gas or parking. It’s quick, efficient, and convenient!

No More 60-Minute Consultations

Streamlining your new patient consultations doesn’t have to be difficult—it just takes some organization and practice! By following our 8-minute record process advice above combined with our 2-5 minute doctor consult & 5-minute fee presentation formula suggestions you will be able to get your consults down to 30 minutes or less while still providing high-quality care & service to your patients. In today’s fast-paced world where everyone values their time more than ever before this could make a huge difference in not only customer satisfaction but also bottom-line profits! So give it a try today!

Slow and Steady

Reducing consultation time in your office is an important task that requires commitment from everyone involved. By setting goals, developing a training plan, investing in the right tools, and staying consistent with practice and training sessions, you will be able to achieve great results within a reasonable amount of time! By utilizing the secret formula, you will soon see an increase in both efficiency and client satisfaction levels at your business!

Change isn’t always easy or fun but it’s necessary if you want your medical practice to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. By making a commitment to change and following through with tangible steps like setting goals and training staff members, you can ensure that your practice is able to keep up with innovative changes while providing an improved experience for patients.

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