If you’re looking for proof that no two websites are created equally, look no farther than the ways in which various people are utilizing inbound marketing. If inbound marketing is capable of telling us anything, it’s that a large number of different websites are actually created with a misguided mission in mind. Take a moment to think about some of the websites that you’ve visited lately. Many of them are designed to just provide company information to anyone who might randomly happen on those pages at some point during their virtual travels. These sites operate as little more than electronic brochures. Companies are putting as much information as they can about their products, their services, their people and even themselves on the site and the visitor is tasked with making sense of it all. This is a mistake for an unfortunately large number of different reasons.

One of the most important elements of your website involves its ability to connect with your visitors. A certain amount of your website traffic will always come from sources like search engines. A user may be looking for an answer to a very specific question and once they have it they’re off, never to be seen from again. To a certain extent, this is unavoidable. However, if you create a website that is able to truly connect with your visitor, you can keep them coming back for more.

A large part of the way that this is accomplished is by helping the visitor answer a question or solve a problem that they may have. Are they experiencing trouble with a very specific issue around the house? Your website needs to be filled with information regarding not only how they can solve that problem, but also about how your product or service is the only true solution that they will ever need. This is what connecting with the visitor is capable of accomplishing.

Another one of the most important things that you need to do with regards to inbound marketing websites involves keeping the buyer journey in mind. Think about all the steps that a person has to take to go from the thought of “I really need to solve X problem” to “I want to purchase this particular product or service.” A successful website will be able to interact with a consumer throughout all parts of that process to help complete the sale in the most effective way possible.

Another thing that an inbound marketing website has to do is get people to give you their information. You can do so with a well placed call to action, or even in exchange for something like a coupon or other promotion. Doing so will allow your site to generate leads, which will go a long way towards driving traffic (and revenue) right to your doorstep.

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