Introduction to The Ultimate Treatment Coordinator

Introducing Book 2 of The Orthodontic Practice Growth Series—The Ultimate Treatment Coordinator: Closing Secrets of the Nation’s Top 1% Orthodontic Practices by Luke Infinger! This series focuses on the Treatment Coordinator role, which is the person responsible for inspiring new patients to make the commitment to the process of straightening their teeth and building a winning smile, as well as giving the tools, processes, and scripts a practice needs to improve its sales.

Orthodontic practices need new patients to stay in business. The problem is that many orthodontists struggle to generate high-quality leads. While some may believe that online leads are low quality, this book argues that there are no bad leads. In fact, by following the strategies outlined in this book, practices can increase their conversion rate from 52% to over 75% or even 80%.

The focus of the book is on the Treatment Coordinator (TC) role. The TC is responsible for inspiring new patients to commit to the process of straightening their teeth and building a winning smile. By implementing the 5 Growth Hacks outlined in the book, practices can hit their production goal quickly. The strategies include responding to leads quickly, pre-framing fees and same-day starts, doubling capacity with a 30-minute new patient consultation, getting more “yeses” with a 5-minute fee presentation, and starting 80% of new patients the same day with a proven playbook.

The book emphasizes that the TC is not just a salesperson but an influencer who helps patients make informed decisions that will benefit their lives. The book provides real-life examples, processes, and scripts to help practices convert more leads into new patient consultations and starts.

The book also includes chapters on improving team efficiency, presenting fees to make it easy for patients to say “yes,” setting up same-day starts and following up with pending patients. The book concludes with a walk-through of the entire process and advice on how to handle growing pains that may arise as the practice grows.

Overall, the book offers a paradigm-shifting approach to orthodontic practice growth that emphasizes the importance of the TC role and the value of every lead. By following the strategies outlined in the book, practices can increase their conversion rate, boost production, and achieve their goals.

For full access to the book, you can email to receive a printed copy or access the audiobook here. Otherwise, stay tuned for each chapter to be released via the podcast every week!

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