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Hear how we increased Comfort N Mobility’s sales by 400%.


Here’s How it Works

Driving More Customers Right to Your (Virtual) Door

Are you looking for a way to not only reach more qualified leads but to earn more revenue at the exact same time? Pay-per-click is the solution you need when you need it the most.


21st Century Marketing for 21st Century Clients

  • Your ads appear ABOVE the organic search results on engines like Google.
  • You only pay when people actually click on your ads.
  • You are in complete control of your maximum budget.
  • Pay-per-click allows you to start seeing results FAST.
  • Reach the right people at exactly the right time with highly targeted custom ads.

What is Pay-Per-Click?

Breaking It Down

Pay-per-click also referred to as PPC, is a specific type of digital advertising model that gives marketers an opportunity to bid for placement in search engine results based on the specific types of keywords they’re targeting. If your bid is among the highest out of all accepted, your ad won’t just appear high in the rankings for your keywords — it will actually appear ABOVE the organic listings, guaranteeing maximum exposure and visibility in one fell swoop.

Why PPC Matters

Recently, HIP Creative partnered with Comfort N Mobility — an industry leader that was looking to not only build brand awareness but also increase sales as much as possible in a relatively short time frame. We sat down and made the effort to learn as much about the business and its customers as possible, all of which was valuable information for crafting the perfect, custom PPC campaign from the ground up, built with their own unique goals in mind.

The Cost Effective Way to Reach People

For quite a while, Comfort N Mobility had been battling with the fact that there was really no way to guarantee that audiences were engaging with their ads via traditional means. This was not the case with PPC, however, as it effortlessly allows you to target the types of people who are already searching online for products and services just like yours. Once a maximum budget was determined and set, Comfort N Mobility was instantly able to enjoy a level of cost savings that was previously unavailable to them since they were ONLY paying when people actually clicked on and engaged with their ads in the ways that they needed.
Comfort N Mobility was also able to continue to adjust their maximum budget as the campaign went on, allowing the fluidity and agility that they needed to continue to guarantee the results they were after.

Empowering Other Marketing Opportunities

But more than that, perhaps the biggest benefit that Comfort N Mobility’s PPC campaign brought to the table (beyond increased sales) was education. Based on the incredibly valuable data their PPC campaign was generating, they were able to see which keywords they should be focusing on — even the highly competitive ones — faster and more efficiently than ever.
This allowed them to begin to focus on these keywords in other areas of their SEO campaigns, thus avoiding the major problem that far too many companies deal with of spending time and money going after keywords that just don’t perform well for their business. Thanks to the insight that only PPC was able to generate, this just isn’t a problem for Comfort N Mobility any longer.
In the end, HIP Creative was able to not only help Comfort N Mobility accomplish all of the goals they had in mind at the beginning of the project, they were actually able to increase their sales by a FULL 400 percent through the unique advantages that only a PPC campaign could bring to the table. Not only that, but the type of data generated by the initial PPC push was able to feed directly back into other aspects of their marketing efforts, bringing up results for all channels and techniques across the board!

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