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A Powerful Lead Generation and Conversion System.

The Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework™ maximizes your ability to use patient data to connect to new patients, retain existing patients, and grow your practice. This unique Framework has helped our clients grow their revenue by over 400%.

Two Office Visits Per Year The HIP Medical Website Content Marketing Campaigns Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Monthly Ad Campaigns Retargeting Campaign Reputation Management Email Newsletter Two Office Visits Per Year

Two Office Visits Per Year

Just because we live in a digital world doesn’t mean we have to ignore the personal touch. There are certain things that cannot be learned over the phone or via email. That is why we offer two office visits per year. We want to understand how your business works, first hand, inside and out.

  • Before the first visit: Prior to beginning any work, we want to understand the perspective of your potential patients. That is why we “secret shop” your practice prior to our first visit. We want to experience what a typical person goes through to schedule an appointment with your office, how your staff communicates with potential patients and any hurdles to your practice a person may experience.
  • On our first visit: We will observe your typical workflow, ask questions, take notes, and begin to formulate our initial impressions. We will meet with you to discuss your goals for your practice and the product and service offerings that will best help you accomplish these goals. We will also begin to coach your team members on our processes and ways they can improve their communication with potential patients.
  • Before the second visit: Six months after our initial visit, we will schedule a second, follow-up visit. Prior to our arrival, we will secret shop your practice a second time to evaluate any and all communication changes your staff has implemented.
  • On our second visit: we will return to your practice and evaluate any and all successes. We will review new patient communication procedures and identify areas of success and continued improvement. We will review all promised reporting metrics and discuss ways we can continue your success trajectory.
The HIP Medical Website

The HIP Medical Website

Having a HIP medical website is more than pasting flashy pictures and quality content onto a stock template. It is a modern, current design organized into a user-friendly structure, optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing.

  • Website Analysis – We begin with an analysis of your current site. We want to know what you are already doing right, what may be driving traffic toward or away from your site and how to improve conversions from searches to clicks to contacts.
  • Migrate Existing Content onto a HIP Medical Theme – Next, we will migrate your existing content to our HIP Medical Theme which includes tools that give users the best experience possible. Our up-to-date design, high-level security, and quality content further elevate your existing website content to new levels.
  • 5 Pages of New Content – If creating a HIP Medical website was as simple as dragging and dropping your old site into a new format, anyone could do it. What sets our website offering apart is the ability to create new, engaging, optimized content. Our professional copywriters will deliver five new pages (not to exceed 1000 words each) that fills the gaps on your current website, appeals to new customers, and lands you at the top of search engine results.
  • On-Page SEO – Ever wonder how some websites rank so high, so fast? It is because their title and descriptions are “search optimized. We will make sure each page returns fast, effective results from title to content.
  • Google Analytics – We will set up and optimize your site for Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google My Business for all locations. Best of all, your team will own the access to these sites.
Content Marketing Campaigns

Content Marketing Campaigns

Content Marketing Strategy & Schedule

We’ll start by analyzing your current content marketing and SEO, including your website, blog, and email campaigns. Then, we’ll create a detailed, long-term schedule and strategy to give your prospects a stream of fresh, relevant content so you can gradually build authority in your niche. We will tie online content to your email marketing efforts for optimal results. We will also spur up engagement on social media around your posts, and repurpose the content from your blog across every social channel that is relevant to your vertical. 

Our writing team will create top-quality content for you that will then be optimized and launched. Then, after we review and optimize each piece of new content, we’ll publish it on your website, on an authoritative industry website, social media, or use it in an email campaign so you can engage customers and prospects.   

This consists of 4 marketing campaigns per year (1 per quarter), which includes:

  • 1 ebook
  • 6 blogs
  • Lead nurturing email automations
  • Social media scheduling for the content we create

This also includes marketing automation software ($500/mo value).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the biggest buzzwords in marketing today, but what does it really mean? When potential patients conduct a search in a search engine (Google, Bing, etc.) they use certain keywords. These phrases then trigger a search engine to bring up a list of websites that most effectively use the keywords. SEO is the process of increasing your practice’s visibility through these organic, non-paid searches. Since 95 percent of searches never go to the second page of results, staying atop the list is the best way to drive traffic to your site. Our SEO services include:

  • 1 Blog per month – Search engines favor websites who have content that changes from time to time. Our blog services provide you with high-quality, valuable content on a monthly basis.
  • Schema Markup – Once upon a time, your website had to include every possible phrase a person would use to search for your business. Schema is microdata embedded into your website that helps search engines to find your site organically. No more keyword stuffing or using awkward phrases like, “dentist near me” in your content.
  • Location pages – Practices with multiple locations need optimized location pages to help patients find you at a location near them. Our team uses the latest search engine optimization best practices to create location pages that help you be seen.
  • Google My Business Optimization – One of the first steps in SEO is to find and claim your business on Google. Even if you have already done this, our team can optimize your Google listing to help it show up first in multiple searches.
  • Google My Business weekly posts – Most business owners create their Google My Business profiles and forget about them, leaving an important tool on the table. Our team is skilled at creating weekly posts that will draw attention to your practice.
  • Citation Cleanup – Inaccurate business details, old locations and hours, and outdated websites are floating around on a variety of sites. We can help clean up your citations wherever they are, ensuring your practice information is accurate wherever potential patients may find it.
Monthly Ad Campaigns

Monthly Ad Campaigns

Physicians believe that all it takes to acquire a new patient is to provide great care. The truth is, in today’s digital world it takes more than word-of-mouth advertising to create the kind of patient following your practice needs. You must tap into the emotional journey every patient experiences as they travel from casual consumer to customer. From becoming aware that there is a problem to having a desire to fix it, from deciding on a provider to developing a sense of loyalty, few doctors realize the power content marketing has to help a person along that path.

Our Ad Campaign package includes:

  • 1 Facebook Campaign – Social media still rules the day as people exchange thoughts, ideas, and recommendations on a regular basis. Our Facebook campaigns are also created to be equally effective on Instagram as well.
  • 1 AdWords Campaign – Have you ever gone to “Page 2” of your Google results? Neither has 97 percent of your audience. Our AdWords campaign can have you ranking higher in the Google search results, making it more likely potential patients will find your page.
Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting Campaign

Have you ever searched online for a recipe for chocolate chip cookies only to see ads for chocolate chip cookies on every page you visit? This process is called retargeting and it is a powerful way online advertising is directed at a certain population based on their internet actions. Anytime a potential patient visits your website, a cookie is set in the browser that allows you to show display ads to them elsewhere on the internet.

  • Our team uses Google AdWords display network which reaches more than 90 percent of all internet users in the country on more than 2 million sites, including top authority sites like CNN, ESPN, FoxNews, and more.
  • Only 2 percent of people who visit your website will convert to a patient right away. The other 98 percent will need to be reached multiple times before they make the leap.
  • The science behind retargeting is based on the idea that it takes between six and eight positive touches to generate a viable sales lead. However, instead of having to make those six to eight touches yourself, Google analytics does it for you as people see your ads on multiple websites.
  • Retargeting works best when it is done in conjunction with other content marketing strategies. While increasing inbound traffic to your site will help put more eyes on your products and services, it is the content they encounter when they get there that will create relationships of trust. If your site is optimized for both mobile and desktop viewing if the content is substantive and if there is a clear way to see where you are located, retargeting efforts will generate viable leads.
Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Your reputation matters.

When it comes to patient acquisition and retention, your online reputation matters as much as your bedside manner. For product and service offerings of medical organizations, 84 percent of people say they trust online reviews as much as, if not more than, the recommendations of their friends and family. The reason? Many people see these reviews as unbiased, honest perspectives of people who have experienced both the good and bad of what a business has to offer. For medical practices, having the public’s trust in your abilities, your services, your staff, and your business based on an online reputation you cannot control is a terrifying prospect. How do you control what people are saying about your practice when you aren’t watching? That is why reputation management services are so vital to a practice’s overall health. Our services include:

  • One review invitation per month via email and text – You want your patients who have experience exemplary service to review your business online. Sometimes all they need is a little nudge in the right direction. Our invitations direct them to review pages that will have the greatest impact on your online reputation.
  • Responding to reviews – The more you respond to your customer’s reviews, the greater the likelihood they will yield positive results. But you don’t have time or ability to respond to all of your review writers. That is why we offer review response services. Let us address concerns, respond to positive comments and improve both SEO and your online reputation.
  • Reporting metrics – You want to know all of our reputation management efforts are working to improve your online presence. Our reporting metrics successfully translate your subjective online reputation into measurable objectives.
Email Newsletter

Email Newsletter

When it comes to reaching out to current and former patients, email can still rule the day. Not only does monthly email contact offer you a great way to re-engage with patients you have not seen for a while, but it also lets current patients know about upcoming promotions, new service offerings, changes in staff, and other practice news that will bring them back in your doors. An email also does not limit your reach the way many social media platforms do. Patients of all ages and of all technological capabilities read their email on a regular basis. Best of all, your content is never limited to a certain number of characters or a particular format. Our monthly email newsletter package includes:

  • Email software – No one has time to enter email addresses one by one, then create and send out a marketing email. Our email software helps to create high-quality contact lists that skirt most spam filters so your email will be delivered to inboxes everywhere. It also makes subscribing to your patient email easy for new and established patients alike.
  • Creating and sending the newsletter – There is nothing more intimidating than sitting down to a blank computer screen and trying to figure out what to include in a newsletter. Fortunately, our team of experts can take your ideas and turn them into readable, engaging newsletters your patients will love.
  • Reporting metrics – You need to know your email newsletter efforts are working. That is why we provide you with reporting metrics based on your stated goals. Rather than showing you a list of numbers, our reporting metrics are designed to give you meaningful information you can act on.

The Investment = $9,450 Per Month

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