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A Powerful Lead Generation and Conversion System for Orthodontists.

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Ad Campaign

Physicians believe that all it takes to acquire a new patient is to provide great care. The truth is, in today’s digital world it takes more than word-of-mouth advertising to create the kind of patient following your practice needs. You must tap into the emotional journey every patient experiences as they travel from casual consumer to customer. From becoming aware that there is a problem to having a desire to fix it, from deciding on a provider to developing a sense of loyalty, few doctors realize the power content marketing has to help a person along that path.

Our Ad Campaign package includes:

  • Facebook Campaigns – Social media still rules the day as people exchange thoughts, ideas, and recommendations on a regular basis. Our Facebook campaigns are also created to be equally effective on Instagram as well.
  • Google Ads Campaigns – Have you ever gone to “Page 2” of your Google results? Neither has 97 percent of your audience. Our AdWords campaign can have you ranking higher in the Google search results, making it more likely potential patients will find your page.
  • Dedicated Landing Pages – First impressions matter, especially when it comes to web traffic. The efforts you make to attract new patients will never come to fruition if they bail as soon as they see your landing page. Fortunately, our designers can create a dedicated landing page that will keep potential patients on your site and filling out contact information time and again.

Online Scheduling

Online Scheduling

We want to make it easy for digital leads to turn into patients. This is why we implement Acuity Online Scheduling.

Acuity includes:

  • Controlled Availability – We can create appointment slots for adults and kids.
  • Automated Follow-Up – Send appointment reminders and allow new patients to reschedule. 
  • HIPAA Compliant -Feel confident knowing patient information is private.


Training and Working with Your Team

We don’t just leave your staff to wonder how to deal with leads and track success — we actually work alongside them.

Things that we do:

  • Make sure follow-up is prompt and thorough – How soon are leads being contacted, are they received a text and email?
  • How does your team answer pricing questions – We go over how to answer pricing questions your staff gets every day. 
  • Tracking – We work with your team to track phone calls and form submissions in order to report on return on investment.

The Investment = $2850 Per Month

For 6-Months *Does not include ad spend on Google & Facebook

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