In the world of orthodontics, success is often fueled by passion, perseverance, and a growth-oriented mindset. Dr. Carter Thomas’s journey into the field started with a childhood dream inspired by his father, a pediatric dentist. However, fate had other plans, leading him to discover a fascination for orthodontics and a partnership that would shape his future. This blog post follows Dr. Thomas’s inspiring story, highlighting the power of mindset and the role of modern marketing strategies in achieving success in the competitive orthodontic industry.

The Beginning: A Childhood Dream

Growing up with a pediatric dentist as a father, Dr. Thomas initially aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps. Completing dental school, he set out on a path to become a pediatric dentist himself. However, a chance encounter with Dr. Keith Harvey during his pediatric dentistry days altered the course of his journey. Dr. Thomas’s fascination with the mechanical aspects and mental stimulation of orthodontics led him to transition to this specialized field, guided by the mentorship of Dr. Harvey.

The Transition: From Pedo to Ortho

With his father’s unwavering support, Dr. Thomas embarked on the path to orthodontics. Pursuing his orthodontic training at Tufts University in Boston, he also found love and married his wife during this time. Returning to his hometown of Mobile, Alabama, Dr. Thomas partnered with his mentor, Dr. Harvey, to establish an orthodontic practice that would later become a testament to their compatibility and shared vision.

The Partnership: A Perfect Fit

The partnership between Dr. Thomas and Dr. Harvey proved to be a perfect fit. Their longstanding acquaintance through work and family connections laid the foundation for a strong bond. Both doctors aspired to build a successful orthodontic practice, and their shared vision allowed them to venture into new territories, expanding their services beyond expectations.

HIP’s Impact on Dr. Thomas’ Practice

The podcast discussion sheds light on the pivotal role of Hip, an orthodontic marketing and sales support company, in shaping Dr. Thomas’ practice. Though integrating Hip’s strategies initially presented challenges, Dr. Thomas and his team recognized the value of a mindset change. Hip’s comprehensive marketing solutions and effective sales training bridged the gap between lead generation and lead conversion, resulting in accelerated growth.

The Power of Mindset

A transformative mindset played a key role in Dr. Thomas’s journey. Embracing new strategies and letting go of rigidity enabled him to drive continuous improvement and growth. The pursuit of success became more fulfilling than achieving specific numerical goals, setting the stage for reaching new heights in the ever-evolving orthodontic landscape.

Understanding the Patient Journey

The podcast also highlighted the significance of understanding the patient journey. Dr. Thomas acknowledged that patients come through various referral sources and marketing channels, and catering to their unique needs is vital. Hip’s expertise in optimizing the patient journey ensured a seamless experience from initial contact to treatment completion, contributing to the practice’s reputation and success.

The Evolution of Orthodontic Marketing

Dr. Thomas and Hip recognized the changing landscape of orthodontic marketing, emphasizing the importance of converting cold leads and nurturing relationships with potential patients. Modern marketing channels like social media and online ads played a crucial role, and Hip’s solutions offered a comprehensive approach to patient acquisition, incorporating technology and sales training.


Dr. Carter Thomas’s journey from a childhood dream to a successful orthodontist showcases the power of passion, mindset, and innovative marketing strategies. His partnership with Dr. Harvey exemplifies how shared visions can lead to remarkable growth. With the support of Hip, Dr. Thomas’ practice embraced modern marketing approaches, navigating the evolving orthodontic landscape with confidence. This inspiring story encourages other orthodontists to be leaders in their communities, adapt to change, and embrace growth opportunities in the dental field. As the industry continues to evolve, the value of mindset and effective marketing solutions will remain pivotal in achieving success and making a lasting impact on patients’ lives.

Time Codes

00:00 Intro

00:34 Why did you want to get into orthodontics?

05:54 What was it like to move from the South to up North?

06:41 Are You A Baseball Fan?

08:27 How did you help create the situation that eventually lead to your partnership?

10:03 What was your vision for your practice.

11:28 What Was The Moment That Made You Want To Grow Your Practice?

13:41 How Has HIP Helped With Your Goals

15:18 We didn’t work well the first time why was that?

16:09 When HIP started to grow in Orthodontics

16:56 Marketing Can Expose Problems

18:28 The Patient Journey Is Different For Everybody

19:33 Orthodontist Don’t Know How To Convert Traffic

22:00 You Have To Nurture Relationships

22:58 Orthodontics Will Grow Exponentially

23:21 Consumer Behavior Has To Be Taken Into Account

25:06 Adult Starts Are Up

26:15 Young Adult Patients Are Different

27:40 Teaching Business To Dental School’s and Residency Programs

29:19 Mindset For The Future Instead of the Now

30:48 The Doctor’s Mindset and Personality

31:48 How To Deal With No Shows

33:29 Timing Is Everything

33:45 Mindset Is A Key Factor In Success

35:48 Your Growth With HIP

36:44 Other Marketers Try To Quote ROI

37:28 Having Your Best Month When Others Struggled

38:12 Staying With The Partners That Are There To Help You Grow

39:14 Looking At Other Industries

41:37 Orthodontists Are Mechanical Engineers By Nature

42:21 Orthodontist Are About Precision

43:46 Education VS Real World Applications

45:08 Final Thoughts