In today’s fast-paced world, dental practices are striving to keep up with the demand for efficient and prompt services. One proven strategy that has been working wonders for many dental offices is starting the treatment on the same day as the free consultation. But why is it so crucial to get the patient in the chair quickly? The answer lies in human nature and the art of overcoming patient inertia. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of same-day treatment starts, the benefits for both the patient and the practice, and provide tips on how to successfully implement this strategy in your office.

Starts with Your Scheduling Coordinators

The key to successfully offering same-day starts lies in effective pre-framing during the very first contact with your potential patients. By incorporating a clear and consistent message about the availability of same-day starts and the benefits of a low down payment and monthly fee structure, you set your TC up for success and increase the likelihood of patients committing to treatment. Remember that a well-prepared team and seamless office operations are crucial to capitalize on the potential of same-day starts and lead your practice to impressive growth and profitability.

Same-Day Starts Doable for All Practices

Maximizing same-day patient starts is a crucial step in fostering the growth and success of your orthodontic practice. By building a strong team, streamlining consultation processes, enhancing patient education, offering financial flexibility, and implementing efficient scheduling and capacity management, you can create an environment that encourages new patients to commit to treatment immediately. These strategies may require time and effort to implement, but as you persistently work towards these goals, your practice will reap the rewards and see tangible results in the form of increased patient starts and satisfaction.

Patients Who Don’t Want to Same-Day Start

There are four factors that are part of a patient’s decision-making process when committing to orthodontic treatment:

  1. Do they have the time to follow through with the process and get results?
  2. Do they have an understanding of how the process works?
  3. Do they have the authority to make the decision?
  4. Do they have the money to pay for it?

Being an effective Treatment Coordinator requires active listening and asking the right questions to gauge a patient’s commitment to their treatment. By addressing the four crucial questions mentioned above and being proactive in resolving any patient obstacles or objections, TCs can significantly improve the patient’s overall experience and rapport with the practice. Ultimately, the primary goal of a TC is to support patients and guide them along the path to achieving their health and wellness goals. Ensuring that obstructions are identified and eliminated demonstrates empathy, understanding, and dedication to the patient’s needs, creating a lasting and trusting connection that extends far beyond the initial consultation.

Patients Who Are Still Unsure

If your patient is still unsure about committing to treatment, here are some strategies the TC can consider to help getting patients onboard:

  • Split the down payment
  • Match the down payment
  • Offer cool gifts

Working with patients to overcome financial hesitations requires exceptional empathy, understanding, and perseverance. Your TC must balance the delicate task of addressing concerns in a non-judgmental manner while guiding patients towards the necessary care. By fostering trust and rapport, utilizing active listening, and addressing financial and non-financial concerns with sensitivity and expertise, your TC can help patients move forward with treatment and secure a hopeful future for their health and well-being.

Integrating same-day treatment starts into your practice may seem like a simple strategy, yet its effects can significantly boost revenue, increase patient satisfaction, and streamline overall processes. By addressing and overcoming patients’ natural inertia, preparing your team for success, and streamlining internal processes, you can create a powerful and effective atmosphere that fosters exceptional patient care. Embrace this powerful tactic and watch your practice flourish as patients make the swift and rewarding journey.

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