When a lead comes to your office for an initial consultation, they are taking a leap of faith. They know they want to get their crooked teeth straightened, but they don’t know if they will like you, your office, or your team. They’re not sure if the process will fit into their life and schedule. They’re unsure about the costs and whether they can manage them. As an orthodontist, it’s up to you and your team to convert these leads into starts who make it into your chair. Here’s how you can do that.

Your Treatment Coordinator Is Your Alchemist

The role of your scheduling coordinator is crucial when it comes to driving revenue and increasing productivity within any business or practice—especially those in healthcare fields such as orthodontics or dentistry. Like a modern-day alchemist, your scheduling coordinator has the ability to turn leads into actual starts through their strategic approach and relationship-building skillsets. By understanding both their target market as well as upselling techniques, they have access to a wealth of knowledge which allows them to build strong relationships with potential patients while simultaneously maximizing conversion rates at every stage of engagement. Ultimately, having an experienced scheduling coordinator on board could mean more conversions for you which means more money coming into your business!

The TC Is in Sales

Sales training not only helps businesses convert prospects into paying customers—it also helps them foster better relationships with their existing clients as well. When employees understand how to properly communicate with customers while providing excellent customer service and support, customers will remain loyal because they know they can always rely on the company for help when needed. In short, investing time in training your TCs in sales tactics can lead to massive success for any business! So don’t wait – start training today!

Maintaining Excellent Customer Service

At the end of the day, honesty is always best policy when dealing with prospective patients who cannot begin orthodontic treatments immediately after assessment or review appointments. While it may seem like turning away potential sales now won’t benefit you later on down the line, being transparent with patients who aren’t candidates for immediate care often helps establish trust between practitioners and their communities over time—and that’s something worth investing in! Ultimately, acting compassionately towards potential customers shows integrity and gives them hope that one day they will have access to quality oral healthcare services from providers like yourself who understand what’s most important: helping others achieve optimal oral health through honest communication and guidance.

Change Happens One Step at a Time

Taking your team from good-to-great takes time, effort, dedication and hard work – but it can be done! Setting measurable goals with attainable outcomes is an essential first step in making positive changes within any business or organization. Be sure that everyone involved understands what needs done in order for success; share knowledge and ideas with one another; most importantly make sure that everyone has an open mind when approaching challenges – this will help lead your team into new heights!

If listening to this chapter has sparked some light bulbs in your mind about how you can improve your team’s performance, now is the time take action! Develop an adaptable mindset so that any potential risks can be assessed before making decisions and adjustments can be made if needed along the way towards achieving objectives set by the team!

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