Unleashing the Power of Persistent Learning and Progress

Wouldn’t you want to know the secret behind Dr. Jamie Reynolds’ remarkable journey from a single orthodontic practice to a four-location empire? He humbly attributes his initial triumphs to “fortunate accidents and setbacks.” But as his venture expanded, he had to navigate the challenging waters of scaling operations.

Dr. Reynolds is adamant that the key differentiator between the truly successful orthodontists and the rest is their unyielding dedication to constant learning. Just graduated from residency and think you know it all? Think again. The most successful orthodontists are the “learn-it-alls” those who acknowledge they have room to grow and actively seek out mentors to help them level up. Dr. Reynolds underscores the significance of intellectual humility and a growth mindset.

Back to Basics The Core of Success

Dr. Reynolds’ answer to what metrics he focuses on is simple new patient starts. Why? Because everything else flows from attracting new patients. The three pillars that orthodontic practices need to strengthen are phone handling, show rates for appointments, and conversion rates after treatment recommendations.

Many practices falter in these areas without even realizing it. Did you know average phone answer rates may only hover around 50-60% when they should be aiming for a soaring 80% or higher? Once these foundational elements are solid, further investments like digital marketing can yield exponential returns. It’s time to “plug the leaks” by bolstering operational fundamentals.

Seeing Patients through a New Lens: As Customers

Dr. Reynolds also accentuates the necessity to view orthodontic patients as customers, not just patients. While clinical excellence remains crucial, patients also value convenience, affordability, time savings, and a positive experience. This customer-centric approach is here to stay. Those who modify their operations to cater to this will gain a significant competitive edge.

Dr. Reynolds pinpoints key customer desires like minimizing appointments, rapid problem resolution, and an enjoyable, professional experience. A doctor stuck in a purely “clinical” mindset may struggle as patient preferences evolve. Incorporating customer service best practices can elevate your practice to new heights.

Harnessing Data and Systems for Enhanced Performance

Dr. Reynolds attributes much of his practice’s success to partnering with companies like Orthofi that offer data visibility. Benchmarks enable the identification of high and low-performing areas across multiple offices. From this point, systems and standardized processes can be implemented for improvement.

For instance, confirmation calls before appointments had a huge impact on same-day start rates. While a few percent might fill out forms, human contact converted at 10x higher rates. Data provides a clear picture of where to focus for maximum gains, preventing orthodontists from relying solely on intuition over objective metrics.

Bright Horizons Await through Lifelong Learning

With less than 10% of those needing orthodontic treatment currently receiving it, Dr. Reynolds views the future opportunities in the field as boundless. While independent practice ownership might be more challenging than in decades past, associates can still develop valuable business skills working for DSOs or OSOs.

Dr. Reynolds encourages continuous learning from all providers in the industry, instead of criticizing alternate models. By developing value through exceptional clinical skills combined with business optimization, independent orthodontists can thrive even amid growing competition. Success ultimately hinges on delivering value to customers through a growth mindset. Get in touch with Dr. Reynolds by emailing him at jamesbreynolds18@gmail.com.