How often do you encounter a business that genuinely puts purpose at the heart of everything it does? Redemption Orthodontics is one such rarity. Helmed by Dr. Michael and Dr. Taylor Vracar, this practice in Tallahassee, Florida, is more than just a business. It’s a testament to the transformative power of purpose and impact.

From Challenges to Triumphs

The Vracars, a dynamic duo who first crossed paths at the University of Tennessee’s dental school, always harbored dreams of running their own practice. When an unexpected career hiccup left them jobless, they seized the moment and turned adversity into opportunity. With two young children to care for and everything on the line, they took the bold leap into entrepreneurship.

Fueled by unwavering dedication and a clear vision, they transformed a challenging situation into a thriving orthodontic practice in just a few short months. But what makes Redemption Orthodontics truly unique?

Their faith.

The Mission

Committed to integrating their Christian values into their work, their mission is profound yet simple – “to love and serve every patient just as Jesus does.” For the Vracars, it’s not just about straightening teeth; it’s about touching lives.

The Power of a Unified Team

How do they bring this mission to life? By building an extraordinary team that echoes their purpose. They invest heavily in nurturing a culture of personal development, training, and community outreach. Daily huddles aren’t just about crunching numbers; they’re about fostering growth. Team retreats, dinners, and worship sessions are regular fixtures, fortifying bonds and instilling resilience.

Purpose: The Growth Catalyst

And the results? They speak for themselves. In just two years, Redemption Orthodontics has skyrocketed to a 33-strong team, with 850 starts annually. Their commitment to their purpose continues to drive innovation and improvement.

Beyond Profits: FSU Athletics Partnership

One shining example is their partnership with Florida State University Athletics. It’s not just a marketing opportunity; it’s a platform for community involvement and mentoring student athletes. For the Vracars, it’s about supporting these young individuals wholly, not merely leveraging their fame.

Redemption Orthodontics is a glowing example of how a business centered on a higher purpose can flourish. The Vracars’ impact in Tallahassee and beyond is immeasurable, and their story serves as a powerful reminder of the incredible results faith, vision, and service to others can yield.

So, what’s holding you back? Isn’t it time to reevaluate your own purpose and the impact you want to make? Remember, success isn’t just about the bottom line; it’s about the lives you touch along the way.