In the ever-competitive world of healthcare, retaining patients and ensuring they receive the best possible care is paramount to the success of your practice. Despite your team’s commitment to helping patients make informed decisions, there will always be those who are not yet ready to pursue treatment, leaving your practice on a “pending” status. This can be disheartening, but it is crucial to recognize that effectively following up with these patients can drastically improve their chances of returning and ultimately committing to care.

Don’t Give Up on Pending Patients

Maximizing your practice’s revenue doesn’t only rely on securing immediate ‘yeses’ but also in nurturing the potential within the ‘maybe’ category. By developing a consistent follow-up system, understanding and addressing patient concerns, and providing helpful resources and support, your office can convert these undecided prospects into loyal patients who trust and value your practice. Your TCs are the integral force behind this transformation, so empower them to follow up with confidence for at least a month, and both your patients and your practice will reap the long-term benefits. Remember: following up doesn’t make you a bother; you’re continuously offering assistance to a patient by reminding them about reaching the smile they want.

Note the Best Ways to Follow Up

Implementing an efficient system to track and follow up with pending patients is a prerequisite for enhancing the overall performance of your treatment coordinator and, by extension, your practice. By establishing an efficient, comprehensive, and consistent process, you’ll ensure that your patients receive the care and attention they deserve, leading to higher patient satisfaction, increased treatment acceptance rates, and a more prosperous and thriving practice. Below are the best ways to follow up:

  • Consider our CRM system, PracticeBeacon, that we discussed in the Front Desk Secrets book
  • Utilize the workflow columns in PracticeBeacon to visually keep track of each patient’s status on treatment
  • Organize the workflow to better keep track of pending patients so that you can follow up with the directly from PracticeBeacon
  • Consider using PracticeBeacon over an Excel sheet as it consolidates all patient information into one system, organizes all patient information, and allows TC’s to message patients directly from the system

Managing pending patients is an essential aspect of a successful dental practice, and implementing a systematic approach to tracking and following up with these patients will ensure they receive the attention and guidance they need to move forward in their treatment journey.

Keep in Touch

The success of your treatment center relies heavily on the ability to convert potential patients into committed clients. By understanding the need for persistence and the value of consistent follow-ups, your team can significantly increase conversion rates. Remember to approach each interaction with the intent to build trust and provide genuine support. With dedication and a structured follow-up plan, those pending patients are much more likely to find themselves sitting in your treatment center’s chair, ready to take the next step in their healthcare journey.

Implement Reactivation Campaigns

Overcoming financial obstacles through reactivation campaigns can play a crucial role in attracting new patients and re-engaging those who have drifted away from your dental practice. By offering incentives like down payment matches and giveaways, you can demonstrate to patients that you genuinely care about their financial concerns and overall dental health. Coupled with strategic marketing efforts through multiple channels, such reactivation campaigns can lead to satisfied patients, increased patient engagement, and ultimately, a thriving practice.

In conclusion, the magic of a consistent follow-up system cannot be overstated. It’s the cornerstone of building strong customer relationships, streamlining workflow, and increasing hours in a day dedicated to boosting your business. As you transition to PB for your patient tracking and follow-up needs, you’ll witness an impressive transformation in your organization’s efficiency and growth potential. Don’t let inefficiencies stand in the way of your success—take control of your patient follow-up process and reap the rewards for years to come.

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