To say that video has taken the Internet by storm would be a severe understatement. Video has become so commonplace that it now comprises half of all mobile Web traffic. More than that, though, the facts show that mobile is an effective way to reach consumers. More than 90 percent of marketers use video for advertising purposes. And a great way to incorporate video advertising into your plastic surgery practice is to encourage your patients to record video testimonials.

Why Video Testimonials?
The average customer testimonial is a written document that talks about the patient’s experience and how happy they are with their treatment. It’s helpful and it’s effective, but it doesn’t always tell the whole story. That’s especially true in an industry like plastic surgery, where people want to see great stories instead of simply hearing about them.

A video testimonial is the perfect way for your patients to show exactly how your practice was able to help. The video testimonial clearly shows how the patient looks after surgery, and the insertion of some “before” pictures into the testimonial will provide clear evidence of the improvements you made. What’s more, viewers will be able to see and feel the relief and confidence gained by the patient as the result of their surgery, which may encourage viewers to consider surgeries of their own.

Customer Preference
We’re living in the selfie age. Not only are people more comfortable than ever with recording themselves, but technology has made this very easy to accomplish. It takes only a couple of minutes for a patient to record a video testimonial; on the other hand, a written testimonial requires access to a computer and free time to write, and not everyone fancies themselves a writer. Besides, recording a video is more fun, and that fun will shed a favorable light on your practice.

Social Media Considerations
People love sharing their lives on social media. And if someone has a positive experience, you can bet they’re itching to tell the whole world about it. Why not make it easy for those people to spread the word about your practice?

A patient that has recorded a video testimonial has a potentially viral social media post sitting on their phone. They should be encouraged to share that with their followers. Not only does it enable them to talk about a significant change in their life, but it also serves as free advertisement for your practice. It’s a true win-win. What could be better than that?

The use of video will only become more popular in the future. Encouraging your patients to record and share video testimonials will present your practice as a cutting-edge and innovative. It will make your practice more attractive to potential visitors, and it’ll showcase your work like never before. Lastly, you’ll give your patients the platform to talk about how much you’ve helped them, which will in turn enable those patients to provide a service to anyone thinking about using your practice for their own plastic surgery needs.

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