I truly enjoy living with integrity and helping business owners make the best decisions with their time, money, marketing, and health which is why I have had the honor to help hundreds of orthodontists since 2014 to build incredible lives by growing their practices and serving their communities.

Serving more people involves much more than just running more people through your office. It involves showing people that you genuinely care about their wants and needs, wowing them with top-notch customer service, and making the experience of creating a perfect smile memorable. It starts with your vision and making sure that the practice you are building can deliver on its promise in each and every interaction.

In the Orthodontic Practice Growth Series, I have shared insights on how to fill critical roles with dedicated team members, how to get more starts, and the five growth hacks to building a successful practice. With diligence and implementation of these growth hacks, getting all the starts you need will become second nature for you and your team, making it easier to:

  • Respond to leads in 5 minutes or less and schedule them within 72 hours
  • Pre-frame fees and same-day starts in the first call
  • Double capacity with our 30-Minute New Patient Consultation
  • Get more “yeses” with our 5-Minute Fee Presentation and
  • Start 80% of new patients the same day with our Proven Playbook.

The next logical step to grow your business is to hire someone whose expertise is in business, leadership, and operations to run your practice. I invite you to join me on this journey in Book #3 of The Orthodontic Practice Growth Series, which will be released in Fall 2022. The book provides an in-depth look at best practices for orthodontic operations, whether you are aspiring to grow a medium or large-scale practice or looking to remove yourself from management.

In the meantime, I urge you to continue training with your team and celebrate the milestones as you build momentum and get closer to achieving your growth goals. With the right attitude, dedication, and implementation of proven growth hacks, getting new patients and building the practice of your dreams can be easier than you ever thought.