Voices of Pensacola

Voices of Pensacola

On October 2, 2014, the UWF Historic Trust opened “Voices of Pensacola” presented by Gulf Power, a multicultural resource center highlighting the city’s diverse history. Through a $605,000 gift from Gulf Power Company and Southern Company, the UWF Historic Trust transformed one of its downtown properties, previously known as the Beacon Building, into Voices of Pensacola.


HIP got the opportunity to complete a motion graphics video for the Voices of Pensacola exhibit.

We were contracted by Alvare Designs to complete this video for the exhibit.


Voices of Pensacola features dynamic multifunctional exhibits representative of the cultural groups that have shaped Pensacola’s history, and provides a place for residents and visitors alike to gather, learn and tell their rich stories. In addition to the exhibit area, a digital recording station is available to record the oral histories of residents, visitors and others who have greatly impacted the region.

If you are in the Downtown Pensacola area, be sure to check it out!




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