Welcome to The GrowOrtho Podcast presented by HIP. In today’s episode, we have the privilege of diving into the journey of Dr. Ethan Larson, an orthodontist with a remarkable story that takes us through family legacy, the challenges of entrepreneurship, and the pursuit of excellence in orthodontics.

The Family Legacy

Dr. Ethan Larson began his orthodontic journey in a unique way—within the context of a family legacy. Growing up, his father was an orthodontist, and this early exposure played a significant role in shaping his future. He had the opportunity to be involved in various aspects of orthodontic work, from crafting appliances to understanding the impact of orthodontic care on young patients’ lives. Although he didn’t initially consider orthodontics as his path, these experiences laid the foundation for what would become his career.

The Orthodontic Path

Dr. Larson’s journey began with dental school and orthodontic residency. These years were marked by challenges, financial constraints, and family responsibilities. He was determined to reduce his debt burden and ensure financial stability for his growing family. Despite the hardships, Dr. Larson’s drive to succeed, coupled with his background in lab work and a strong family support system, propelled him forward.

Legacy and Entrepreneurship

After completing his education, Dr. Larson purchased an existing practice in Washington, which had been thriving for over 35 years under the leadership of his mentor, Dr. Greg Sutherland. As he transitioned into the role of practice owner, Dr. Larson faced the dual responsibilities of being a clinician and a leader. He realized that this required a balance between maintaining clinical excellence and fostering a cohesive team culture.

The Power of Entrepreneurship

Dr. Larson’s entrepreneurial spirit remained alive as he transitioned to Arizona, where he purchased another practice and a building for a new location. He recognized the untapped potential in underserved areas and saw the opportunity to positively impact more lives through orthodontic care. His approach emphasized delivering exceptional orthodontic services while ensuring that growth and expansion didn’t compromise quality.

The Balance of Purpose and Growth

Dr. Larson’s journey is a testament to the complexity of entrepreneurial orthodontics and the delicate balance required to manage both clinical excellence and practice growth. While ambitious, he remains steadfast in focusing on his core values: providing quality care, enriching his family life, and maintaining a deep sense of purpose. In a field that can easily become transactional, Dr. Larson’s commitment to impacting lives and striving for excellence is a refreshing reminder of the true essence of orthodontics.
Dr. Ethan Larson’s journey embodies the power of family legacy, hard work, and the pursuit of purpose-driven entrepreneurship. As he navigates the challenges and triumphs of owning multiple practices, he continues to inspire with his dedication to patient care, team development, and a balanced life. His story reminds us that behind every successful orthodontist is a unique journey fueled by passion, commitment, and the desire to make a lasting impact on the world of orthodontics.

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