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Partner: Cooper Orthodontics
Since: July 2022

300% Return On Investment

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Streamlining Operations And Boosting Growth

Cooper Orthodontics found themselves in need of a structured approach to marketing and operations. Despite their commitment to excellent customer service and patient care, their marketing efforts lacked organization and effectiveness. This is when they turned to HIP for help, seeking to transform their practice and achieve their growth goals

Before partnering with HIP, Cooper Orthodontics struggled with disorganized marketing efforts and a lack of clear roles and responsibilities within their team. Their marketing strategy was scattered, and they needed a more structured approach to achieve their goals. Additionally, despite having a robust staff, they needed better tools and systems to ensure accountability and effective follow-up on leads.

HIP Helped Cooper Orthodontics Achieve:

+$229,000 in New Production in Less Than 1 Year

+61 New Patients In The Practice

+Over 300% Return on Total Marketing Investment

“We were a bit of a mess, I would say in terms of organization and knowing what we were doing marketing-wise. HIP came in and really helped give us structure.”

-Dr. Cooper

Implementing Structure And Accountability

HIP’s first step was to bring order to Cooper Orthodontics’ marketing strategy. We helped define roles and responsibilities, giving the team a clear direction and purpose. This structure was crucial for a practice that prided itself on customer service but lacked the internal organization to support effective marketing efforts.

Our approach extended beyond just placing ads. We implemented tools like Practice Beacon to provide visibility into leads and their conversion into patients. This tool allowed the team to see at a glance how many patients came through the website, started treatment, and the resulting production. It helped visualize the entire patient journey, from initial contact to becoming a patient, and ensured that follow-ups were completed timely.

The partnership with HIP yielded impressive results for Cooper Orthodontics. The introduction of Practice Beacon not only organized potential future production but also improved accountability among staff members. This tool allowed multiple people within the practice to understand their role in getting patients through various stages and ensured processes were followed consistently.

“[With HIP] Whenever you send an email, someone’s always responding back, and willing to follow-up with a phone call. There’s a lot of flexibility to delve into the numbers or to ask questions and get suggestions.”

-Dr. Cooper

Your Website Is An Important Lead-Generation Tool When Optimized Correctly

A crucial part of HIP’s strategy for Cooper Orthodontics was optimizing their website to convert visitors into patients effectively. We revamped the site to make it more user-friendly and appealing, with clear calls-to-action and streamlined appointment scheduling. This ensured that potential patients could easily find the information they needed and book consultations without hassle.

In addition to the website overhaul, we implemented PracticeBeacon, our patient tracking and reporting software. This tool played a pivotal role in organizing leads and tracking their journey from initial contact to treatment start. PracticeBeacon provided a clear visual representation of the patient pipeline, showing how many leads came through the website, how many converted into consultations, and how many started treatment.

Ready To Take Control Of Your Practice Goals?

Cooper Orthodontics has achieved significant growth and operational efficiency through improved marketing strategies, enhanced staff accountability, and a structured approach to patient acquisition. HIP’s targeted strategies and comprehensive support have positioned them to continue delivering exceptional orthodontic care to their community while expanding their reach.

If you’re ready to take your practice to the next level, reach out to us to discuss how our framework can help you and your team succeed.

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Our Framework

Patient Acquisition & Retention Framework™

In an effort to both establish a new brand identity and generate potential patients, we implemented our Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework™. This fully automated solution and turn-key framework was exactly what Knecht Orthodontics needed. We tracked a 481% ROI! And, Knecht Orthodontics is now a leading orthodontic practice with happy patients who are thrilled with their experience.

How Does it Work?

The Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework™ maximizes your ability to use patient data to connect with new patients, retain existing patients, and grow your practice. The framework is an information matrix that identifies, contacts, schedules, and maintains contact with the patient before, during, and after their treatment.