About This Project

As industry leaders, Fishbein Orthodontics had gone through an exceptional period of growth over the last few years and needed a modern-day strategy that could actually support it in the digital era. HIP Creative had worked with Dr. Ben Fishbein in the past to create several videos of patient stories, as well as videos to feature new Fishbein Orthodontics locations that had recently opened. Now, we want to take those efforts and that relationship one step further.

The HIP Creative approach to this project went above and beyond high-end videos. We strategized, not only how to create the most brand exposure for Fishbein Orthodontics, but also experimented with new and effective ways to leverage the power of social media to their advantage.

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Increasing Brand Awareness

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Engaging the Target Audience

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Increase Video Views

Get Traffic to Website

Stay Connected

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Shareable Content

Retargeting Ad Strategy


Ad Retargeting

By way of an extensive retargeting campaign, HIP Creative put Fishbein Orthodontics in an excellent position to stay in front of an audience that was already receptive to their message. Retargeting allows us to leverage someone's own browsing history to our advantage, making sure that banner ads and other materials appear in front of people who are already receptive to the client's message. High-quality video production was employed to gain a large viewership, and new "link click" ads were used to redirect those viewers back to the Fishbein Orthodontics website.


Last but not least, HIP Creative employed the use of attractive and optimized new banner web ads to create maximum brand awareness among all website visitors. These banner ads made sure that Fishbein Orthodontics was always at the front of someone's mind — even after they had navigated away from the page — and thus increased not only the amount of overall video views, but also organic website traffic at the same time.

Success Story


Thanks to our already successful relationship with Dr. Ben Fishbein, HIP Creative was selected to help optimize Fishbein Orthodontics' online presence and bring it firmly into the digital age. In addition to high-end videos, we were also able to strategize regarding how to create the most brand exposure possible for the business by using techniques like social media to our advantage.

The Results

2,000% Increase In Video Views

20% Increase In Website Traffic

500% Increase In Impressions