Case Study

Partner: Knecht Orthodontics
Since: July 2019

Providing an All-In-One Solution from Branding to Patient Experience

Dr. Kristen Knecht opened the doors to her brand new practice just days before the COVID pandemic hit. From the very beginning she knew Knecht Orthodontics needed a strong brand identity and an enjoyable experience that would convert a potential lead from information gathering to happy patient. With the help of HIP’s Brand Identity Process and Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework™, Dr. Knecht brought in over half a million dollars worth of digital leads into her pipeline in just 10 months and during a pandemic.

“I know doctors who work 5 or 10 years to get to this level and it’s all happened so quickly. I couldn’t have done that on my own.”
– Dr. Kristen Knecht

Project Details


New Business Start-Up
Branding Identity
Lead Generation


Brand New Practice Exposure
Obtain a High ROI
Become the Practice of Choice


Website Designed to Convert
Digital Ad Campaigns & Marketing
Pristine Patient Experience with PracticeBeacon

From Start-Up to Thriving Practice

One of the rockiest times for a new practice can be its beginning days. Add in the fact that everything was changing due to a pandemic and there were a lot of factors pushing against the success of a start-up.

Dr. Knecht’s passion for orthodontics and her goal of “improving people’s lives and the way they feel about themselves,” gave her all the motivation she needed to make the decision to open her own practice despite those rising factors.

Dr. Knecht turned to HIP to create an unique brand identity that would help her stand strong in her market. After all, she recognized that in order to be a successful orthodontic practice, she’d need more than just leads.

That’s why she chose HIP as a partner to help her design her brand and establish herself in the Mont Belvieu community. HIP’s PARF™ gave her the step by step successes that led to Knecht Orthodontics having record patient starts month after month and a 481% ROI during a pandemic!

Her practice benefitted from:

• A strong digital presence
• An unique website designed to attract quality patients
• Intentional digital marketing campaigns
• Strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• An increase in discoverability that led to more site visits and calls
• Retargeting campaigns that converted more new patients
Reputation management that bolstered the health of the practice
• Comprehensive patient management software (PracticeBeacon)
• Full system of orthodontic and staff training
• A cohesive, duplicatable patient experience


Delighting Patients with Attentive Communication

One of the key factors to Knecht Orthodontics’ success is their responsiveness and open communication with potential, new, and current patients.

Over and over Dr. Knecht was told from patients how impressed they were with the ease of getting started and how quickly they received a response from the office.

This paramount patient experience led her to record setting starts for the month and an unmatched ROI. HIP’s lead management software, PracticeBeacon, made everything easy to stay on top of and stay connected with her new incoming leads and patients.

Even her staff was appreciative of the ease of communication and automations instilled that ultimately meant less work for them.

“PracticeBeacon helped us grow our monthly new patient starts by 150% in just a few months. Our patients love the communication and our team loves the automation — because it’s less work for them!” – Dr. Kristen Knecht

Our Framework

Patient Acquisition & Retention Framework™

In an effort to both establish a new brand identity and generate potential patients, we implemented our Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework™. This fully automated solution and turn-key framework was exactly what Knecht Orthodontics needed. We tracked a 481% ROI! And, Knecht Orthodontics is now a leading orthodontic practice with happy patients who are thrilled with their experience.

How Does it Work?

The Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework™ maximizes your ability to use patient data to connect with new patients, retain existing patients, and grow your practice. The framework is an information matrix that identifies, contacts, schedules, and maintains contact with the patient before, during, and after their treatment.

Producing Real Results

Knecht Orthodontics was simply trying to establish itself as a brand new practice. That alone is a challenge and an on-going pandemic did not make it any easier. However, Dr. Kristen Knecht knew partnering with HIP was the exact support she needed to go from start-up to full fledge, systemized, and profitable practice. And through our Website Design and Brand Identity Process coupled with the power of HIP’s Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework™, we were able to smash her goals and provide all the necessary solutions. Now, not only is Dr. Knecht thrilled with her lifelong passion project, but is also a model example of a success story following the HIP process.

150 New Patient Starts in Year One of Business 

481% Return On Investment

475% Increase in Call Volume

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