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Partner: Murphy Orthodontics
Since: September 2021

From HIP Skeptic To Raving Fan

See How 1,178% ROI Turned Into $2.2M In New Revenue

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When You Want Real Growth, You Need A Partner To Get You There

Dr. Craig Murphy kickstarted Murphy Orthodontics by purchasing a small practice in New Orleans that was outdated across the board. So, naturally, this left him and his team spinning their wheels turning a brand new, small office into the practice of their dreams.

Naturally, if you have an orthodontic practice, you need orthodontic patients. When you are unsure of who to turn to in order to help you grow your practice, just finding any marketing firm that promises to get you leads sounds like the right play.

What Dr. Murphy found out was the first “budget marketing firm” he went with did not really understand the orthodontic space. That’s when he knew something had to change and he needed a different solution if he was going to grow his practice.

When he found HIP, he was immediately on guard when we told him we would be more than just another marketing firm for his business, we would be a growth partner. However, once we implemented our Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework (PARF™), that turned Dr. Murphy from skeptic into true believer. And, we were just getting started.

HIP Helped Murphy Orthodontics Achieve:

+$2.2M In Added New Revenue!

+1,178% ROI On Digital Ad Spend

+750 New Patients From Digital Ads Since Partnering With HIP!

“Many people have no idea where their money is going. With HIP, I feel like they’ve understood the ortho space well. I can bounce ideas off them. And, I feel like my dollars go the furthest with HIP.”

-Dr. Craig Murphy

Incorporating HIP's Team To Train Your Team

In order for Dr. Murphy to achieve the results he was looking for, he knew that he would not only need to upgrade his digital ad campaigns but his systems and training as well.

One crucial component to him acquiring 750 new patient starts since partnering with HIP is his Treatment Coordinator role. Now, everyone loves bragging about the rock stars in their office, but when you combine rock star power with nurturing, proven guidance you start bringing that dream practice into reality.

Dr. Murphy was blown away by how HIP lived up to the expectation of really being a growth partner. Our team jumped on calls with his Treatment Coordinator to provide them with expert, guided training. This training put Dr. Murphy’s TC into the driver’s seat of helping bring in over $2.2 Million Dollars in new revenue.

“[HIP has] really lived up to that expectation — having Harrison hop on the phone with my TC. I would have never even thought that your TC would help my TC do better at their job. So, that shows the relationship that’s going on.”

– Dr. Craig Murphy

Building A Brand Presence To Stand Out In Your Community

One of the secret weapons that Dr. Murphy wanted to employ to make an impact and stand out in his community was his branding. He knew his website had to be special, showcase his brand, and be the digital presence that made families feel welcomed before they ever set foot into his practice.

The HIP Web Design & Development Team went right to work to bring that family-friendly atmosphere into his digital website. We crafted a unique design that not only showed what set Murphy Orthodontics apart, but also dominated SEO and became a huge asset for their conversion-driving machine.

Every single page was created to be part of that conversion process showcasing what they did, which was coupled with the social proof that would make potential patients feel at ease and confident in choosing Murphy Orthodontics.

Tying It All Together with PracticeBeacon

Dr. Murphy rightfully told us he sleeps better at night since implementing PracticeBeacon into his practice. PracticeBeacon is HIP’s CRM software specifically tailored to orthodontists.

PracticeBeacon helped his front desk team implement our lead management processes including instant follow-up and automated communication.

Having the right system and software in place when turning on the fire hose of leads, HIP’s digital ads created was a paramount step in the success Murphy Orthodontics continues to relish. With just over $2.2 million dollars in new revenue since partnering with HIP, it’s safe to say that Dr. Murphy and his team have done a fantastic job of embracing HIP’s Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework (PARF™) with a growth mindset. 

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Our Framework

Patient Acquisition & Retention Framework™

In an effort to both establish a new brand identity and generate potential patients, we implemented our Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework™. This fully automated solution and turn-key framework was exactly what Knecht Orthodontics needed. We tracked a 481% ROI! And, Knecht Orthodontics is now a leading orthodontic practice with happy patients who are thrilled with their experience.

How Does it Work?

The Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework™ maximizes your ability to use patient data to connect with new patients, retain existing patients, and grow your practice. The framework is an information matrix that identifies, contacts, schedules, and maintains contact with the patient before, during, and after their treatment.