When I was put in charge of Chick-fil-A’s leadership program many years ago, I quickly realized that the customer service experience is one of the most important aspects for any business. It was in this season of my life that I learned a lot about customer service, effective communication, and leadership. Not only did this job help me understand the importance of customer service in business, but it has also had a lasting impact on my life as well as my professional career as it is coded in our DNA here at HIP.

Ten Components of the Front Desk of Your Dreams

If you are an orthodontist or business looking to improve your patient experience, then you have come to the right place. I have created the “Ten Components of the Front Desk of Your Dreams” to help you reap the benefits of every lesson I learned from Chick-fil-A and the top orthodontics practices across the country that we have partnered with. These ten components are essential if you want your practice’s front desk to run smoothly and efficiently while providing excellent customer service for all patients who come through its doors.

Key Takeaways from the Book

The three main takeaways from this book are:

  • The front desk is the most important and most overlooked role in the orthodontic practice.
  • The person who has first contact with new leads has the most critical job in your clinic.
  • If your team responds to those leads faster with top-notch service, you will make way more money (and get to serve way more new patients).

Grasping these three concepts and getting them instilled in your team will transform your practice. And yes, it IS way easier said than done. At HIP, my team and I work with orthodontic practices every day to put these components in place and help them run smoother businesses with increased profits and more satisfied customers overall! Start implementing these changes now for successful results later!

Four Principles for Orthodontic Practice Growth

When a practice nails the following four principles down, they start to experience growth:

  • The orthodontist is a technician, not a manager (so hire a good one).
  • Training your team to follow the steps to convert every viable lead into a new patient (and there are no bad leads).
  • Marketing to attract the right leads.
  • Software that tracks your metrics and holds your team accountable for the goals you’ve set.

I invite you to take the first step in building the front desk of your dreams right now. Dr. Sarah Howle, an associate at Fishbein Orthodontics, says, “What gets inspected gets RESPECTED.”

I wish you great success in your practice. Thank you for letting me share my vision for the amazing people who work at front desks worldwide. If you have any questions, comments, or success stories, please reach out! You can email me at luke@hipcreativeinc.com. – Luke Infinger

For full access to the book, you can email Anastasia@hipcreativeinc.com to receive a printed copy or access the audiobook here. Thank you for tuning in to the Front Desk Secrets podcast series launch!