Sales: A Misunderstood Concept?

You’re an orthodontist. The word “sales” might conjure images of insistent folks trying to make a quick buck. But isn’t it time we redefine sales? At its core, isn’t it about addressing needs, offering solutions, and making lives better? As practitioners, isn’t our mission to rectify dental issues and gift our patients with radiant smiles?
Let’s delve into the essence of sales and customer service – the twin engines propelling the growth of any orthodontic practice.

Sales: It’s Not about Pushing, It’s about Giving

The etymology of ‘sales’ traces back to the Old English term ‘sellan,’ meaning ‘to give.’ Far from being aggressive, successful salespeople are those who add value, serve others, and resolve problems with integrity. They are the ones who genuinely desire to make a difference in people’s lives.
By providing top-notch orthodontic care, you’re imparting immense value to patients. You’re guiding them towards a straighter, healthier smile – a priceless gift. Sales is simply the art of facilitating this transformation through empathy, expertise, and problem-solving.

Decision Making: Emotion over Logic

Do patients make logical decisions about orthodontic treatment? Rarely. Decisions are primarily emotion-driven, later rationalized by logic. What emotions are at play?
  • Insecurity about their smile
  • Yearning for enhanced self-image
  • Anticipation of possibilities
  • Concern over societal perception of uneven teeth
  • Hope for a surge in self-esteem
As the facilitator of change, your role is to comprehend these emotions, instilling certainty and confidence in your patients about their journey to the perfect smile. Your knowledge, perspective, and plan should evoke positive emotions.

Customer Service: The Game Changer

In our fast-paced, instant-gratification era, impeccable customer service is paramount. Statistics reveal that a mere 5-minute delay in responding to an internet lead can result in losing half of them permanently. Quick responses, empathetic service, and a seamless process are the order of the day.
Even if patients appear disgruntled or impatient for reasons beyond your control, your mantra should be to “dazzle them with kindness” and offer a remarkable experience.

The Art of Problem Solving

At the heart of every purchase lies the intention to solve a problem. A patient fixated on price is simply voicing their financial concerns. Your role? Redirect their attention towards resolving bigger issues – saving time, achieving their dream smile sooner.
Encourage them to focus on emotions like confidence and self-esteem rather than getting hung up over a few dollars per month. Shift the conversation from price negotiation to fulfilling their needs.

The Bottom Line

Mastering sales and customer service is the key to unlocking your orthodontic practice’s potential. Remember these fundamentals:
  • Treat sales as a service, not a product push.
  • Comprehend and guide patients’ emotions towards certainty and confidence.
  • Prioritize exceptional customer service and promptness.
  • Steer conversations towards addressing patients’ real problems and needs.
By viewing sales as service, not only will your team find more satisfaction in the process, but you’ll also witness your practice’s growth and impact flourish.

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