2015 has given us a lot of great things including a new Star Wars movie, plenty of Drake GIFs, and best of all, Instagram ads. The ability to tap into Instagram’s community of more than 400 million users and allow businesses small and large, to share their stories visually has been a huge leap forward in reaching mobile users.

 How do you do it?

Lucky for us, Facebook’s purchase of Instagram for $1 Billion allows us the ability to use the familiar Facebook Power Editor to create ads for both platforms. This is great news for businesses running multi-channel campaigns, allowing you to create and monitor all within one ad manager. You can simply create an ad within the Power Editor just as you would with normal Facebook ads.



How do I find my customers?

Facebook provides some of the most sophisticated targeting options out of all the social ad managers. These targeting options are continued over to the Instagram platform for full targeting of your ideal personas and their interest. This is important because businesses need to focus on getting their messages in front of potential customers based on the people, places and interest that they enjoy, not just by demographics alone.

 Ad Formats

Your business has a story, a purpose and a solution, now you can share that story visually with multiple formats. These formats include:

  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads

This provides a great opportunity to show off new blogs, photos of products or even 30 seconds of high quality video.

Instagram Ad

Improving Conversions and ROI

A high-quality ad is nothing without a strong and relevant call-to-action. Instagram supports multiple objects such as: clicks to websites, mobile app installs and video views. We do recommend building an objective-specific landing page for your desired call-to-action to improve conversions with the ads. Facebook’s pixel now allows us to easily use Instagram with ad retargeting along with Facebook ads. A business can now support their Facebook campaign actions with additional Instagram ads to nurture the lead through the buying cycle.

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