There will never be a better time to scale your orthodontic practice than TODAY.

According to a new study by Fortune Business Insights...

The US Orthodontic Market will
Double to more than $31B by 2030...

But there won’t be 2x more private practice orthodontists.

Marketing Company (1)

Are YOU ready to capitalize on this once-in-a-lifetime growth opportunity?

The Problem with Marketing

Your BELIEF around marketing might be wrong.

It's not your fault...

You haven't been told the truth by someone who has a proven framework.

Until NOW.

Contact & Qualify 400% More Leads

Boost Your Contact Rate By 70%

The Big Lie

Good marketing should FIX my business!

A good ad should bring flocks of new patients.

I don't want my team to have to follow-up and WOW prospects.

Ready to see who Cracked The Code?

The Patient Acquisition & Retention Framework (PARF®)

The Proven Formula for Orthodontic Growth


of Revenue Added


in Ad Spend and Optimization


Average Return on Investment

Over the past 10 years, we've worked alongside the nation's
fastest-growing orthodontic practices:

From $2M to
$27M in 8 Years!

800% Return on

150% Growth
Since Our Partnership!

Up 50% YOY!

55% YOY Growth!

537% Return on Investment!

$4.5M Increase in Production over 3 Years

$300K from Digital
Ads in 4 Months!

From $0 to $2M+ in
Under 3 Years!

The PARF® framework has grown more than 300+ orthodontic practices from coast to coast, from small towns to the biggest cities.

We doubled in production!

Dr. Markus was stuck at $500K per year before HIP. Hear how we were able to double his practice and help change his and his family’s lives.

We are up 60% this year!

It comes down to “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” When I made the decision to grow, I came to HIP with the desire and funding. You are similar to an investment advisor — a true growth partner!

After 10 years and $200M+ of growth, we've discovered...

It's Not As Hard As You Think
to Build a $5M+ Practice...

(You just have to understand consumer behavior)

Top 1% Orthodontists:

Their team focuses on nurturing leads into patients and they are trained on sales and customer service.

Marketing doesn't solve problems.
It EXPOSES them!

HIP is different.
We're an Orthodontic Growth Partner.

We’ll hand you all the systems, tools, and strategies you need to grow your practice exponentially within the next 12 months.

And we’ll give you the ongoing hands-on support and expertise to ensure your team executes them successfully.


What Is An Orthodontic Growth Partner?







Done-For-You Marketing

Attract & Convert More-High-Quality Leads Than Ever Before

We’ll take the highest converting social media ad strategies from the nation’s best practices and put them to work generating leads for you.

We’ll also dive into your story to understand what is unique about your practice and help you bring that message to the world.


Search & Social Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

Reputation Management

Reactivation Campaigns



Brand Identity
& Logo Design

Growth Automation Software

Effortlessly Convert Leads into Paying Patients

Our proprietary PracticeBeacon software automates lead follow-up best practices to start more patients without overworking your front desk:

See recorded phone calls, text messages, emails, and even social media DMs for each patient in one place, on your computer, or your mobile phone.

How Is Your Front Desk Doing Today?

What Secret Shops can do for your practice:

On-Demand Growth Training

Prepare Every Part of Your Organization for Explosive Growth

The Orthodontic Growth Virtual Training

Our best-selling book series presented as an interactive online course featuring videos, quizzes, and workbooks to teach your team to actively support your growth.

Front Desk Secrets

The Orthodontic Practice Growth Book Series

Four in-depth books, each covering a different, but critical aspect of optimizing the growth potential of your practice.

HIP Books

Hands-On Support, Consulting, & Coaching

Get side-by-side instruction
& coaching from THE BEST
team in the industry…

"What you guys do — marketing, PracticeBecaon, the coaching — is the main reason for my growth! It's been crazy ever since I partnered with you guys!"

Dr. Harris
Harris Orthodontics
33% Growth Last Year

"You have really lived up to the expectation of being a partner. I would never have thought that your TC would teach my TC how to be better at their job. That just shows the relationship."

Dr. Craig Murphy
Murphy Orthodontics
From $200K to $2M in Less Than 2 years!


"I've seen so many doctors paying more money to consultants who only work with average practices, so they don't get access to the kinds of ideas HIP's partnerships bring."

Dr. Kristen Knecht
Knecht Orthodontics
From $0 to $2M in 2 Years!

Remember Your Dream Practice?

It Starts to Become a Reality
The Moment You Commit to Growth:


Partners who fully implemented the PARF® framework returned positive ROI within 6 months of starting the program!

How Do You Want This To Go?

🚀 21 Days to Launch 🚀

After you sign your contract to start PARF®, we can have your first ads running and your team ready to convert new leads into patients in just 21 business days.

Here’s what your first 21 days will look like:

NOTE: The timeline is approximate (based on business days) and depends on your team getting us all the info we ask for within the indicated timeframes.